Top Under 30 Travel Insurance 2020

Travel insurance may appear to be just another extra expense and many young travellers will question the importance of buying under 30 travel insurance. In the majority of cases, your travels run smoothly without any major hitch. However, being under 30, you are likely to be engaging in activities or events that are more adventurous, hence riskier. You will not want to experience the scary scenario of being seriously injured or falling ill in a strange foreign country.

If such was to befall you, what you need is to have the best under 30 travel insurance cover. This gives you the financial support to not only get treated but flown home. Even without going into other reasons, for that alone, getting travel insurance is a must.  Whether travelling within the country or in some unfamiliar country, with travel insurance you will be more relaxed, allowing you to enjoy your travels in the knowledge that unforeseen eventualities are well taken care of.

Why Get Under 30 Travel Insurance?

There are many reasons why buying travel insurance is critical. The most common reasons that you need to insure against include:

  • Trip cancellation.
  • Missing your connection.
  • Flight is cancelled.
  • You get injured or sick on your trip.
  • Lost or delayed baggage.
  • Lost travel documents.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • You need emergency assistance.

Having under 30 travel insurance coverage allows you to enjoy all those activities that a person in your age group loves in a relaxed manner. Travel insurance is generally available in packages which combine a variety of coverages. It is important to go through them and establish what is important you and what’s not either because you are covered already or are not at risk for that particular aspect.  

All travel insurance policies typically have different benefits as well as unique exclusions. Therefore, it is prudent and absolutely necessary to carefully read the wording of the policy. Additionally, their application varies from one country to the next, as well as where you are coming from, so ensure you clarify all such issues with the concerned insurance provider before you travel. After all, you want the best under 30 travel insurance cover possible.

1. Wesleyan Assurance Society

Wesleyan Society under 30 travel insurance policies are more than a simple document. They are designed to give you the kind of mental peace you need when on holiday knowing that everything will be well-catered for even if the worst were to happen. The truth is that at times travel can be quite stressful and Wesleyan is available to help in managing the travel logistics to make sure that your trip runs without a hitch.

Whether travelling for pleasure or business, the under 30 travel insurance policies from Wesleyan are intended to ease your travel - even when travelling to unfamiliar places. With the annual or backpacker packages, you even get a 24/7 concierge service that helps you with anything ranging from vaccinations and pre-travel advice to transport, restaurant bookings and hotel arrangements.

The annual under 30 travel insurance policies come with the following as standard:

360 Assistance – You have access to convenient online information on nearly every country in the world. Such information includes vaccine requirements or important contact details for a key hospital. You will always stay one step ahead through email alerts from Wesleyan for the countries to which you are travelling to. Such alerts advise you of anything happening there as it occurs in case it could potentially hamper your plans such as disease outbreak, industrial strikes, or severe weather.

24/7 Support – An experienced support team is available 24/7 in case you need emergency or extra assistance.

Stranded Passenger – Under this product, in case your flight gets delayed for over 2 hours, you get complimentary access to airport executive lounges from the participating airports.

24/7 Concierge Service – This gives you support for lots of services designed to make your travel smoother.

In recent years, Wesleyan Assurance Society has come up with a business model that is highly successful providing customised financial advice and a suite of commercial financial products. They have also developed products aimed to select target groups such as under 30 travel insurance.

1. The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd

When planning your trip, often the last thing on your mind will be that things could go wrong which underlines the importance of taking under 30 travel insurance. You can protect yourself from the unexpected with a travel insurance policy that ensures you have the peace of mind as you travel away from home.

Top Under 30 Travel Insurance 2020 SAGIC Company Insurance

With Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation, you have the option of either selecting European or Worldwide insurance coverage, depending on your preferences or plans.

SAGIC is in a partnership with Columbus Direct designed to provide a range of policies for nearly every kind of travel adventurer. Columbus Direct has been giving protection to backpackers, holidaymakers, and business travellers from the year 1988. From experience, they have come to know exactly the types of coverages that travellers require when going abroad.

Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation through Columbus Direct offers multiple levels of insurance cover that will suit every budget and need. The Columbus Direct travel insurance options include:

  • Family Travel Insurance.
  • Single trip/annual multi-trip travel insurance.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Cancellation and curtailment.
  • Backpackers insurance.
  • Personal property and baggage.
  • Personal liability.
  • Up to 150 sports/activities covered.

Tailor-Made Policies - With packages available for under 30 travel insurance and going all way to 74 years, you are free to declare pre-existing medical conditions and have them include for an additional premium or simply go through an online medical screening when filling your quote.

Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation is extremely proud to be the only confirmed insurer that returns 100% of their profit to a charitable cause, The Salvation Army. Therefore, when you get your under 30 travel insurance with SAGIC, you are not only protecting yourself with one of the best a comprehensive policies for all your insurance needs but also be assisting in raising much-needed resources for the Salvation Army cause, helping those in need.

​2. ​Chubb European Group Limited

Holidays for the young and energetic are meant to be packed with fun activities, although too often the unexpected happens hence why you must have under 30 travel insurance. The travel insurance policies from Chubb allow the traveller to focus on enjoying the trip, knowing that should the worst case scenario arise, you are covered wherever you are. Therefore, as you plan your holiday trip, remember to also include travel insurance in your plans.

Top Under 30 Travel Insurance 2020 Company CHUBB Insurance

Why choose Chubb for your under 30 travel insurance?

  • Access to an emergency assistance 24/7 helpline.
  • One off payment in case of trip cancellation (up to £5,000).
  • Get paid for lost bags up to £2,000.
  • Medical expenses up to £10,000,000.
  • Get up to £5,000 in case your holiday gets cut short.

Multi-Trip/Single Packages - Multi-Trip annual policies have been designed to meet the travel needs of people who are still young and energetic while the Single Trip packages are good for the older folk. When you buy a Single Trip under 30 travel insurance cover you don’t get coverage when taking holidays within the United Kingdom. If, however, you buy an Annual Multi-Trip policy package, you get covered within the UK if your stay has at least 2-nights’ accommodation.

Trip/Journey Cancellation – In case your journey going home gets delayed by factors beyond your control and you are unable to get back until after your cover or policy has expired, the Chubb cover takes care of you (up to 14 days) until that time when your ferry or airline operator gets you home.

Chubb European Group Limited is registered to operate in England & Wales and is based in London. It is authorised by the United Kingdom Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. Today, it is a reputable provider of not just under 30 travel insurance but also provides other types of insurance packages. You get fast and easy online quotes.

​3. ​Aviva Insurance Limited

The Aviva under 30 travel insurance will help you sort out all manner of problems when traveling in the UK and internationally. Whether its urgent medical assistance that you need, missed your connecting flight or had your money stolen, you are well covered by Aviva. You can opt to choose the single trip travel cover for your one-off holidays or go for the broader annual travel cover if you are a frequent traveller.

Top Under 30 Travel Insurance AVIVA Insurance company

Whichever option you decide on here is what you get covered on:

  • Emergency medical expenses - This covers your emergency medical treatment, repatriation (flight costs) and emergency dental pain relief.
  • Trip cancellation/abandonment.
  • Airspace closure - helps you get home in case the airspace or airport is closed.
  • Money and travel documents cover.
  • Delayed baggage.
  • From adrenaline packed youthful travel junkies to the tranquil travellers, Aviva has options that can be customized to meet your specific under 30s travel needs. Examples of add-on coverages include:
  • Winter sports – This add-on covers your ski equipment, avalanches caused delays, piste closures, etc.
  • Golfing trips – Gives you cover for your golfing clubs and equipment. If you are injured or ill, it covers your green fees.

What you need to disclose for your Aviva under 30 travel insurance includes:

It is important to notify Aviva Insurance if you have any pre-existing medical conditions prior to travelling. For example, the insurer needs to know:

  • Whether you received professional advice, treatment or medication for any serious disease, illness, or injury in the last one year.
  • If you are waiting for any type of lab test results for any undiagnosed or diagnosed medical condition.
  • Whether you intend to stay with anyone who has a serious injury, disease or illness.

With Aviva, you are not required to declare any minor ailments like a cold that are not likely to require urgent treatment when traveling.

Whether abroad or travelling locally, Aviva has your back covered and they can be reached either over the telephone or online. The experienced team at Aviva Insurance Limited will look at your under 30 travel insurance claim with the goal of working out how to give you the best support.