Slot Software

Slot SoftwareWhen you visit an online casino, you will often be met with a slick website that is the cutting edge of web design. This work has probably been outsourced to web designers who specialize in this endeavour. When you download their casino client, you find a smooth interface with many different features added and plenty of casino games and slot machines added. Again, this software is provided by other companies who specialize in this type of construction.

This page is about the different slot machine software providers that are out there. You will find that there are a massive amount of them fighting for a chance to sell their solution to the best online casinos, so we will focus our efforts on the biggest and most popular softwares that are out there.

So why have we created this page? Well, you could say that reading about slot machine software providers are really boring, and you would rather go look for a good slot machine to play at, but that is just why you need to take a closer look at the software that the casinos employ. You see, if you have tried a lot of different casinos, you will see that some online casinos offer the same slot machines as others, but are missing some at other places. That is because these software providers offer all their games to the casinos, but they will not always use all of them. Some casinos will even make use of more than one provider to make sure the customers get the best possible selection at their casino. Also, knowing what the different softwares promises and stands for will make it easier for you to find a casino that might fit your bill.

If there is a specific slot machine you are looking for, knowing that it is provided by that one software, you then know to only check the casinos that use that specific software.

Overview of Online Slot Software Providers

What Information Do We Provide?

Since most of the casino software is so customizable these days, it kinda makes it weird to review the software for the users (us players), since making a full fledged review would be more useful for the online casinos that contemplates using them. That is why we would rather try to give some overview over the company that provides the specific slot machine software (boring I know, but I am sure there are some nerds like me out there :P), what the good and bad parts about it are, create a list of all the slot machines that the software are serving and give our top choices of online casinos that uses that specific software provider.