Triple Twister Slot Review

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Triple Twister Slot Features

  • Simple, fun cartoonish theme
  • Turbo play feature
  • Lackluster animations
  • Weak jackpots
  • Overall dull
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Triple Twister Slot Basics

October 2009
Realtime Gaming
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 50 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.25
Bet Range:
Max Win:
50,000 Coins

About Triple Twister Slots

With all the stereotypes of Hee-Haw, Triple Twister brings a barnyard theme to slots as a cartoonish, hokey alternative to some of the more seductive and traditional-themed slots. From its major and minor jackpot, to its turbo and auto play options; Triple Twister is a slots game that has an optimistic reach. Unfortunately, the game developed by RTG, despite some nifty features, leaves something to be desired.

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Reels spinning on the Triple Twister Slot

One entertaining saving grace of Triple Twister is its major and minor jackpots that admittedly do keep the serious player moderately engaged and entertained. Apart from the somewhat sloppy animation and obnoxious theme (unless you are playing Twisted Twister for its theme) one would agree that there are far worse slot games. This may be damning with faint praise, however for those who dislike newer-age slots that connect dozens of random patterns on every other slot machine (to the point where you never quite know why you’re winning), Tripled Twister does at least make for sensible play for a sensible player.

Additionally, Triple Twister makes use of a sped-up “turbo play” option as well as an “auto-play” option set to a certain number of spins. While these features are interesting and might fit well in a more enjoyable slot game, they don’t do much to improve the overall core of what could have been a fun, silly-themed slot game.

Music & Animation

Despite the lackluster responsivity in the animation, the individual icons in Triple Twister’s slots are fairly cute. From the distraught pig to the cowbell-clad cow, this style may not be everyone’s cup of tea; however, from an aesthetic point of view, the style and design is cared out pleasantly enough. Unfortunately, with animation that hangs, rather than settling smoothly, and sound that just doesn’t feel on the money, the music and animation are truly where Triple Twister falls flat—even if one is a fan of the somewhat goofy barnyard art style.

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We have played a lot of slots from Realtime Gaming, and what they seem to have in common (especially the older ones) are that they are generally very uninspired. Triple Twister is no exception. With dull animations and music, and generic features, you are bound to give up pretty quickly.

However, it might fill a couple of niche: if you like wacky animations, simple gameplay and the turbo play feature is a nice touch for those that like to spin fast. Have a go at our free play above and see how you feel about it. Our recommendation would be to give this one a pass.

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