Zodiac Supernova Slot Review

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Zodiac Supernova Slot Features

  • Big wins
  • Exploding reels
  • No bonus feature
  • Limited features
  • Poor graphics
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Zodiac Supernova Slot Basics

December 2010
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 25 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $5
Bet Range:
Max Win:

About Zodiac Supernova Slots

Zodiac Supernova is a Playtech slot that focuses on the signs of the zodiac. It is a comical and quirky little slot from the masters of this industry, with 25 paylines and a couple of little extras. But does Zodiac Supernova have enough going for it to standup against every other slot in this industry?

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Game in Action

zodiac supernova slot

Screenshot of the Zodiac Supernova Slot

The aesthetics are not fantastic on Zodiac Supernova. They are a little cartoony for our liking, and some of the symbols, many of which show signs of the zodiac, are a bit cheesy. Still, there is a decent Return to Player average and big wins are not hard to come by. Also, there is one symbol that pays as much as 5,000x for 5 of them, as well as another that pays half this, and a few others that pay a decent amount as well. So, whilst it isn’t much to look at, the base game is impressive from the gambling point of view, and arguably that’s what matters the most.

There is also an exploding reel feature. This is not unique to Zodiac Supernova and has been used in many other slots, but it is one of our favourite basic features. Basically, as soon as you land a winning payline then it will disappear, with more symbols falling down from above. This will continue to happen as long as you keep winning, meaning those wins can stack up.

That’s about where the benefits of Zodiac Supernova end though, because there are no bonuses here.


The exploding reels feature is the only thing that comes close to a bonus feature on Zodiac Supernova. This is a good little feature and we enjoyed playing the game because of it, but it is not enough to justify the exclusion of another bonus round. At the very least we would expect a free spins round and an instant win feature, at most we would hope to see a graphically advanced bonus round. None of those exist here, which makes Zodiac Supernova a huge letdown in our eyes. The basics ARE certainly here, but you need a little more to standout in this industry, because there are hundreds of slots out there that have everything that the makers of Zodiac Supernova choose not to include.

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We will admit that we didn’t have high hopes for Zodiac Supernova to begin with. We were pleasantly surprised therefore when we discovered that, looks aside, it was a decent game, with some big wins and an exploding reel feature. However, just when we were starting to get impatient waiting for a bonus round or random feature to land, we realised that there were none. This instantly devalued Zodiac Supernova in our eyes, changing what would have been a middling to high rating into a very low rating.

Zodiac Supernova needed something more. It didn’t need anything grandiose or unique, it just needed to offer a little more than it does to a customer base that has come to expect big and impressive features. Because it didn’t offer anything extra, we can only score Zodiac Supernova 4/10.

Our rating:

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