Mini Dragons Slot Review

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Mini Dragons Slot Features

  • Fun theme
  • Big wilds
  • Exploding reels
  • Poor graphics
  • Limited features
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Mini Dragons Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 20 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $10
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About Mini Dragons Slots

Released by Playtech, Mini Dragons is a slot where cute baby dragons are the theme of the day. These fire-breathing pups run rampant across the reels and leave big wins in their place, but is this too much cuteness for one slot, and does Mini Dragons have anything going for it where gameplay is concerned?

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Game in Action

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The aesthetics here are a little strange. They are like a cross between Pokemon and the Teletubbies, and we have no idea where they came from. For all we know it could be based on an actual show or game, but if not then this is a very strange choice. What’s more, the graphics are hardly anything to write home about. They are not sharp and are a little too cartoonish. Looks aside, Mini Dragons has an exploding reels feature which is always welcome. This means that winning paylines add to your winnings and then disappear, with more symbols dropping down in their place. Technically, this can go on and on, with the wins never ending, but in reality you’ll probably never see more than 4 wins on a single spin.

There are some big paying symbols here, which came as a surprise, and a very pleasant one at that. The blue dragon will pay you 5,000x if you land five of them, whilst you’re get 2,500x and 1,000x from the pink and green dragon respectively.


The main bonus on Mini Dragons simply supplies fuel to the exploding reels feature. This is unlocked when you land the symbol of the egg, from which a baby dragon hatches. That dragon then flies around the reels and breaths fire onto random symbols, causing them to disappear. When he does this it shakes the paylines up a little and more symbols fall into place. This offers guaranteed wins, which is useful, but in reality this is a bonus we would expect to see as an addition to another bonus, and instead it is the only bonus round you will find on Mini Dragons. There are no free spins rounds here, no highly graphical bonus rounds or instant win features. What you see is what you get, and beyond this small bonus, what you see isn’t much.

The exploding reels feature helps, of course, but far too many slots rely on this feature and this alone. Playtech in particular have a habit of creating exploding slots that have very few other features, and it’s just not good enough. For us, Mini Dragons is a disappointment. It is a cute but odd slot that we just don’t understand, and one that has some serous omissions.

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As we mentioned above, Mini Dragons has very little to offer. In the current industry gamblers expect a lot from their slots. they expect big wins, big wilds and a glut of features. That’s why slots like Rainbow Riches, South Park, Fairest of Them All and Leprechaun’s Luck are so popular and why we rate them so highly. Mini Dragons just doesn’t come close to those games and whilst this industry has a habit of churning these games out, focusing on quantity and playing the numbers game, they really need to forget about these and to concentrate their efforts on bigger and better games like the ones mentioned previously.

All in all, we can’t give Mini Dragons more than 5/10, and even then that feels very generous.

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