George and the Dragon Slot Review

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George and the Dragon Slot Features

  • Fun theme
  • Exploding reels
  • Bonus round
  • No free spins
  • No instant win
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George and the Dragon Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 25 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $2
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About George and the Dragon Slots

In the George and the Dragon slot from Playtech players assume the role of England’s patron saint and greatest hero, a knight, a dragon-slayer and a man whose deeds have crossed into legend and mythology. The question is whether or not George and the Dragon slot lives up to these legends.

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Game in Action

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The graphics on George and the Dragon are simple but bright and clean. These illustrations are far from 3D, but this cartoonish effect works and we have no complaints there. The major symbols pay quite well, with the castle paying as much as 7,500x and the horse paying 1,000x. However, the standard letters and symbols pay very little, and you won’t get much out of the flag or the maiden either, despite these being the 3rd and 4th highest paying symbols.

The progressive jackpot on George and the Dragon slot begins at $5,000, which is added to the game by the casinos. From here it can build indefinitely, although it is usually collected before it makes it to $100,000. This jackpot can be unlocked with all stakes, but the more you pay, the higher the percentage you will unlock. This is much more preferably to the slots that force you to pay a certain amount to even qualify for the progressive, as this discounts a lot of players.

George and the Dragon has an exploding reels feature. This means that whenever you land a winning payline that line will disappear and more symbols will fall from above. This can go on and on, turning one spin into many, but it often averages out at just a couple of exploding paylines and many times you won’t get any.


There is only one bonus round on George and the Dragon, and this is unlocked via the symbol of the dragon. This is quite fun, although there is no real element of interactivity here. There are only three bonus symbols on the reels, so there are no increasing stages to this round, and the goal is to help George on his quest to slay the dragon. You need to select his weapons and his tools, before watching him progress on his journey. The further he gets, the more money you get, and if he makes it all of the way, which will happen on occasion, then you will get an extra cash injection.

There are no free spins here, which is a big shame as George and the Dragon needed that little bit extra. As it stands, even though this bonus round is fun to play and very rewarding, it isn’t enough to give this game the high marks that it could have received.

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With simple graphics, we didn’t expect much from George and the Dragon. However, we were pleasantly surprised not only to discover a very impressive progressive jackpot, but also an exploding reels feature, which is one of our favourite basic features. On top of that, we really enjoyed the bonus round, and received big wins from it.

George and the Dragon is far from perfect. There is really only one big paying symbol, no stacked or locked wilds, no free spins round and no instant win feature. This is not a huge title for Playtech. It’s a simple slot designed to make up the numbers and to keep casinos and customers happy. However, it deserves much more respect than many other slots that fall into this category, as it has much more going for it than many of those slots do.

George and the Dragon is fun, but far from polished, and whilst it deserves more respect than we think it will get, this is still only a 7/10 for us.

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