Fireworkz Blitz Slot Review

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Fireworkz Blitz Slot Features

  • Cool theme
  • Progressive jackpot
  • No bonus round
  • No free spins
  • No features
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Fireworkz Blitz Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 5 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.10 - $10
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Max Win:

About Fireworkz Blitz Slots

Everyone loves a firework show and with Firework Blitz you can get all of the pop and sparkle you need. All of the fireworks on show have names, and they all have their quirky differences as well. But how does this translate into the gameplay, and is Firework Blitz a gleeful boom or a disappointing fizzle?

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Game in Action

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All of the symbols on Fireworkz Blitz have their own names. They are colourful fireworks, with big eyes and visible quirks, including the seductive purple Cathy, and the crazy orange Roman. However, with no big animations and no bonus rounds (we’ll get to that later) it all feels a little pointless. Don’t get us wrong, the aesthetics are pleasing. Big, bright, cartoony graphics don’t usually work on the newer slots, but with Fireworkz Blitz they fit perfectly. However, we can’t shake the feeling that this slot is missing something, and those omissions are not just related to the aesthetics or the theme.


There are no bonuses rounds in Fireworkz Blitz, which is a massive letdown. As we alluded to above, we got the impression that the reason the symbols had names, the reason they were so different, is because they would be exposed in greater deal further in. However, that didn’t happen.

The symbols do pay well, in all fairness. The purple one pays 5,000x your stake if you get the maximum amount, whereas the orange one pays 1,000x. The red one also pays big for both 6 and 7, and anymore than that unlocks the progressive jackpot. Still, Fireworkz Blitz needs more, these symbols need to serve a bigger purpose and we need something else to keep us entertained.

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We don’t know what to think about Fireworkz Blitz. We really liked the aesthetics to begin with. It fit perfectly, and it’s always good to see a game reel that looks a little different and to see some quirky symbols. It’s also good to find a slot that doesn’t use the standard letters and numbers we are used to seeing time and time again. However, from the first spin you get a feeling that all of this is pointless. The symbols don’t really go anywhere. There are no animations, no bonus rounds, no features at all. There is also no longevity, nothing to collect and build up, which again only begs the questions of why they bothered to include such individual symbols and “characters” in the first place.

Overall, we’re disappointed with Fireworkz Blitz, as it could have been much better. Still, it is not completely without merit, and because of that we’re happy to score Firework Blitz 5 out of 10.

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