Bouncy Balls Slot Review

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Bouncy Balls Slot Features

  • Unique slot
  • Addictive
  • Great fun
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Poor graphics
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Bouncy Balls Slot Basics

January 2010
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels
Coins Range:
$0.10 - $10
Bet Range:
1 - 6
Max Win:

About Bouncy Balls Slots

Bouncy Balls is a 5 reel slot that works a little differently to standard slots. The graphics are not the best, but if you have ever played the Chain Reactors series then you’ll know what to expect from this entertaining and hugely addictive slot. It is not without its flaws, which are evident from the first spin you take, but this is an impressive slot nonetheless and one that has a very solid foundation.

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Game in Action

Screenshot of the Bouncy Balls Slot

Chain Reactors is one of the most popular Playtech slots around, and also one of our favourites. The action on the base game is very unique and nothing like we have ever seen before, but that action is replicated here on the Bouncy Balls slot. In fact, playing this game you can see the earliest versions of the Chain Reactors style, making it one of the pioneers of this type of slot.

Basically, rather than lines, you are faced with falling “balls”, each of a different style and colour. Once enough of them stack up, they’ll disappear and more will fall into place. This means that every “spin” can go on for an unlimited time period, allowing the wins to build up. As with the aforementioned slots, Bouncy Balls also comes with a progressive jackpot, although there are no other features to speak of.


The main difference between this slot and the Chain Reactors series mentioned before is that the latter comes with a bonus round (in the case of Chain Reactors Super Trails, as opposed to the original game in the series) whereas this does not. There’s a good chance that they looked at what they did here and with the first Chain Reactors game and realised that whilst popular, addictive and fun, it needed that extra bonus round, which is why they began to include them on later editions. Still, even without such a round, this is a very fun game and whether you have played on this type of slot before or not, you will still get a huge kick out of it.

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One of the only things we do not like about Bouncy Balls is that it is very addictive and therefore very easy to lose a lot of money in a short space of time. Of course, the graphics could have been a little better, because even for 2010 they are a little dated, and we would have also liked a bonus round similar to the one offered in Chain Reactors Super Trails. However, those exclusions aside, this is still a great slot and one that is highly deserved of a 8/10 rating.

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