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Gemix Slot Features

  • 3 Worlds to play through
  • 3 Different Wilds
  • Cascading Reels in a 7x7 Grid
  • No Bonus Game
  • Keeps cycling through same 3 Worlds
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Gemix Slot Basics

December 2014
Play'n Go
Reels / Paylines:
7 reels / All Ways Pay
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $10.00
Bet Range:
Max Win:

About Gemix Slots

With Gemix Play’n GO delivers a slot that’s not quite a slot game. Indeed, it reminds us more of games for mobiles such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush, where you match certain symbols and earn points, or money in this case. You also get to level up and benefit from certain boosts. There’s no bonus game as such, however, but the bonus features make up for it and the different levels have their own charm.

Game in Action

Gemix slot

Screenshot of the Gemix Slot

Play’n GO proves with Gemix once more that innovation is the key. Why stick with the old 5 reel/3 rows layout, if you can have 7×7 grid instead? For this particular slot the layout works particularly well, of course. It is modelled after many mobile games that work in a similar fashion. Line up matching jewels and level up by collecting points.

In this case you level up as well. You have patterns in each of the three levels of the three worlds that need to be solved. You solve them by exploding the gems over those patterns when you have a winning combination. The pattern and the solved parts are visible on the right-hand side.

Each of the three worlds is ruled by a different being. The first one is a miner, the next one a princess and finally you’ll have a wizard. They all come with different Wilds as well, which they hand out randomly across the reels. Depending on which world you are in, the Wilds will look different and will be applied in different ways.

And then there are the boosts, which you get once you collect 20 winnings symbols in a row. A cluster of 5 will count as a winning combination and it’s easily possible to explode 20 symbols in a row, because of the cascading feature of the slot. Winning combinations make room for more symbols from above, a feature that only ends when you stop getting wins.


The cascading symbols make for the main feature that will keep you going. But there are some other features that make life a little easier and provide bigger wins, if they work out, which they don’t necessarily.

You see, every 20 winnings symbols result in a special feature to be triggered and applied as soon as no further wins fall onto the screen. Here they are:

Chain lighting – Two of the corner symbols will light up and create a lightning rod in between. Everywhere the lightning strikes, the symbols are transformed into matching ones.

Crystal Warp – Here one type of symbol is randomly chosen and will transform into the symbol that has the most matching symbols on the reels. That can create quite big clusters, if you’re lucky.

Light Beam – Here another random symbol is chosen and with it at the centre, light beams shoot out horizontally and vertically, transforming all symbols across those beams into the one at the centre.

Novablast – A random symbol is selected and explodes in spectacular fashion. The large hole that is left behind makes room for new symbols cascading from above to create new winning combinations. Hopefully.

SuperCharged Crystals – You need to collect at least 40 winnings symbols in a row to get a supercharge applied. Winnings will be multiplied by a 3x multiplier, which creates some of the biggest wins in one go.

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Graphically the slot is beautiful. But that’s to be expected with a Play’n GO slot. The changing scenery with every new world you enter is very nice as well, though the wizard’s world is arguably the most beautiful one. Alas, you only get those three and when you’ve gone through all of them, you begin anew with the miner’s world. You’ll arrive at a point where you’ll wish for more, but we won’t complain, because more slots only give us one background.

As a slot of low volatility you can keep playing this for a long time. It has enough going on to keep you entertained and is pretty much as addictive as most of those mobile games it is based on. Depending on whether or not you like those kind of games, you will certainly like Gemix as well. But it is not necessarily for everyone.

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