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play'n go logoPlay’n Go is a large software development company based in Sweden. Since 1997, they have been developing online casino software and games for clients from all over the world. From humble beginnings, Play’n Go has grown into a large and well respected company in the online gaming industry. Today, they employ over 50 people, and have developed 75+ games.

Play’n Go has made it their mission to “up the entertainment while eliminating the hassle”. They achieve this goal by developing fun and engaging games, and testing them thoroughly to ensure they are bug-free and run efficiently. Games developed by this company are very secure, safe, and fun!

Play’n Go Slot Machine Reviews

Play’n Go Casino Games

Play’n Go specializes in developing casino games for online casinos. Their selection of games (currently 78 in total) consists of slots, table games, video poker, and more. Play’n Go is constantly working on new games, but unlike some competitors, they take their time developing them, and test them thoroughly before releasing. So, while they might not offer as many games as some competitors, you can trust that every game Play’n Go releases has been perfected and is fully ready to enjoy!

In our experience, Play’n Go is excellent at balancing performance and graphics. Some companies focus on game performance and mechanics, while others focus on graphics. Play’n Go takes the slow-and-steady approach, delivering top-notch game mechanics, efficient performance, and stunning graphics.

Play’n Go Mobile Gaming

As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets become more and more popular, so does the world of mobile gaming. Today, most major online game developers have mobile divisions working on mobile versions of their most popular games - and Play’n Go is no different. In fact, Play’n Go was the first major online game developer to move into the mobile field. Their innovative technology, vast knowledge and creative minds all combine to help them deliver top-notch mobile games that perform just as well as their browser-based or pc-based equivalents.

Most of Play’n Go’s games are offered in a mobile version. In our experience, all of them look just as good - and perform just as well - as the desktop versions. Play’n Go was the first player in the mobile realm, and they’re working hard to stay at the front of the pack.

Industry Feedback

Overall, Play’n Go is a well respected name in the online gaming community. Their nearly 20 years of experience prove that they know how to run a successful business, and their track record for customer satisfaction and game function speak for themselves.

Some have complained that Play’n Go does not offer enough selection of games. While it’s true that bigger companies like Microgaming offer more games, we find the selection from Play’n Go to be more than sufficient. It is true that Play’n Go tends to focus on slots, but that’s true of most developers these days. We would like to see a bit more selection when it comes to video poker and table games, but other than that we highly recommend Play’n Go as you will find quality here over quantity.