New Online Slots

new online slotsThere are already plenty of online slots to play with already at the online casinos and more are coming every day. The amount of software providers have exploded and the competition is fiercer than ever to make the next big hit, which is great for us consumers!

On this page we will list the latest new online slots releases and list the reviews we have done of them. Given that there are so many slot machines created nowadays we are bound to miss some of them, but we will try to get up reviews of them as soon as we can. Please let us know if there is a title that you would like to check out a review of, want a free play version of or any other questions you might have.

Latest Slot Game Releases

Here we will compile a list of the latest online slot machines that are coming out on the market. This list will feature the most recent ones that we have taken a look at and given our impression of. Note that this does not mean that we are able to cover all the titles that are out there and might miss someone here and there, but do not worry, we are trying to cover as much ground as we can, and as soon as we can!

It would be a good idea to come back here when you have the time to check on what is going on with the latest releases. Usually these have better graphics, more innovative gameplay and cool new features, but as with everything, not always the case. Therefore you can let us do the leg work for you and find out if the slots are worth their salt or if you should look elsewhere.

Latest Slot Game Reviews

We also will include a list of the most recent reviews that we have written ourselves on this site. Here you can come back and check if we have updated our archive and played any new (or old) slot machines that you should know about. We try to update this list as often as possible as we have yet to cover even 10% of the slot landscape out there, but we are hoping to catch up soon!

If you have any slot games that you want us to take a look at we would love to have your request. Please get in touch with us and let us know if there is a machine you recommend that we play and review!