When Pigs Fly Slot Review

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When Pigs Fly Slot Features

  • Fun and quirky theme
  • Re-spins and free spins
  • Up to 3125 ways to win
  • Expanding reels
  • No multipliers
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When Pigs Fly Slot Basics

July 2016
Net Entertainment
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / Up to 3125 paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $00.20
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:

About When Pigs Fly Slots

When Pigs Fly is NetEnt‘s newest slot and it’s oddly fun, even funny. The pigs in question actually want to fly into space and they’re very ambitious about it, offering re-spins as incentives for you to give it your everything to launch them into space, where free spins await. The pigs a quirky and charming and will make you smile. And yes, the frequent wins will also make you smile, meaning you’ll be spending quite a bit of time trying to get those pigs into space.

Game in Action

When Pigs Fly slot

Screenshot of the When Pigs Fly Slot

When Pigs Fly is a fun and cartoonish looking slot, with a style that reminds us a little bit of the equally cartoonish Hook’s Heroes. The pigs have a lot more charm than those kids, however, which makes this slot a lot more fun to play. The space rocket is waiting in the distance to launch the pigs into space, because that’s where they want to fly to. And one pig in an astronaut’s suit is standing on the side, giving you the thumps up and getting ready to fly with every re-spin you win.

NetEnt likes to play around with reel layouts and When Pigs Fly is certainly one of those slots. You start out with reels 1 and 5 only showing one symbol each, reels 2 and 4 showing three symbols and the middle reel showing 5 symbols. The reels expand when you keep winning, which is obviously what you want to do here.


The expanding reels are one of the main features of this slot. Above the waiting astronaut pig you’ll notice a counter for 6 free spins. With every successive win you get another re-spin (or free spin) that opens up the reels, expanding them and offering more ways to win.

You start with 45 ways to win, but one win will get you 135 ways to win on the next spin. Two successive wins open up the reels for 405 wins to win, then 675 ways to win on the third win and 1125 on the fourth win. The fifth win gets you 1875 ways to win, and the final win and last re-spin opens up the whole 5×5 grid for 3125 ways to win.

That’s when the astronaut pig is all suited up and runs excitedly to its space rocket to get launched and fly you into space to a new set of reels for 8 free spins, all of which offering 3125 ways to win.

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As a slot of medium variance When Pigs Fly won’t make you rich. It’s a simple and straight forward slot, which gets interesting every time you manage to get at least three re-spins in the base game. You’ll get feverish with excitement, very much like the pig, once you’re down to your second and last re-spins, which is always fun.

The features are very similar to Reel Rush, of course, which is a great slot as well. But When Pigs Fly has the more charming theme. Without wanting to sound greedy, we wouldn’t have minded a multiplier here and there, but you can’t have everything. When Pigs Fly is good fun and will entertain you for some time.

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