Steam Tower Slot Review

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Steam Tower Slot Features

  • Steampunk Theme
  • Stacked Wilds
  • Up to 42 Free Spins and 7x Multiplier
  • Boring Basegame
  • Difficult to get past 6th floor
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Steam Tower Slot Basics

February 2015
Net Entertainment
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / 15 paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $1.00
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:

About Steam Tower Slots

Net Entertainment brings us a Steampunk theme with Steam Tower. But truly, we are looking at a fairy tale, where the Knight doesn’t wear shining armour, but Steampunk gadgets instead, which he will regularly use to climb that tower in an attempt to rescue the Damsel in Distress (or Princess) from the Red Beast. Thus you’ll play the Free Spins feature often, but you never know how far you’ll get before you fall.

Game in Action

Steam Tower slot

Screenshot of the Steam Tower Slot

NetEnt’s Steam Tower offers some nice graphics. Whilst the reel symbols are somewhat simple, there is an appreciable attention to detail when it comes to the theme. The card symbols are all decorated with gears, which is a nice touch. The Steampunk Dude, the Girl, the Eye of the Beast, the Tower and the Grappling Hook are the high paying symbols, though the Grappling Hook doubles as a Wild as well. There is also a Stacked Wild with the Steampunk Dude, which is the Scatter symbol. You’ll need one of those to launch the Free Spin Bonus.

The soundtrack has something slightly sinister, but becomes more adventurous during the Free Spin feature. And since you’ll find yourself climbing the tower frequently, the music doesn’t become too boring. It is also during the Free Spin Bonus, where the graphics become a little more interesting, because the Steampunk Dude is using his grappling hook to climb the tower, which makes for a nice visual change.


Generally speaking you can expect to find yourself climbing the tower at least once during 50 spins. On average anyway. That’s a good thing, because the base game has nothing going for it.

When the Free Spin Bonus is triggered, you’ll start off with 10 free spins. You’ll start on floor 1 and have to make your way up to floor 16 in order to save the day and the girl. You also get a 2x multiplier on this floor.

Every time a Grappling Hook shows up on the reels, two things happen. You get 2 more free spins and you climb one floor. Alas, even if you get 2 Grappling Hooks, you won’t get 4 more free spins.

Between floors 1 and 3 you’ll get a 2x multiplier. Floors 4 to 6 bring a 3x multiplier, whilst floors 7 to 9 come with a 4x multiplier. A 5x multiplier is applied on all winnings between floors 10 to 12 and a 6x multiplier can be had between floors 13 to 15. Only on floor 16 will you get a 7x multiplier.

If you manage to get to floor 16, you’ll also get an additional prize of 1,000 coins. But truth be told, we only ever managed to get to floor 7 and we’ve dropped out as early as floor 3.

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So, who is NetEnt’s Steam Tower aimed at? Its gameplay is fairly simplistic and only has its Free Spin Bonus going for it. You won’t be losing a lot of money here and you won’t be winning a lot of money either. Whilst potential winnings with 3x multipliers or more are quite handsome, getting there is quite difficult.

And you’re going to play the Free Spin Bonus many, many times, if you ever want to get to the top floor and actually save the poor girl. Whilst the idea is not a bad one, your odds are really slim to make it even beyond floor 7. Which means you’ll get bored with this slot sooner rather than later.

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