South Park Reel Chaos Slot Review

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South Park Reel Chaos Slot Features

  • Quirky South Park theme
  • 4 bonus features in base game
  • 4 levels in bonus game
  • Easy on the budget
  • Not quite as humorous as the show
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South Park Reel Chaos Slot Basics

October 2014
Net Entertainment
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / 20 paylines
Low / Medium
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.50
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:

About South Park Reel Chaos Slots

South Park Reel Chaos follows up on the four South Park boys, though this NetEnt slot has very little in common with the first incarnation that was simply called South Park. Still, it’s very recognizably South Park, with key characters making an appearance. It’s wild and outrageous in theme and charm and there are plenty of bonus features to be had. Base game and bonus game are almost equally entertaining. So head back to South Park and get ready for a different adventure.

Game in Action

South Park Reel Chaos slot

Screenshot of the South Park Reel Chaos Slot

If you know the adult cartoon series South Park, you’ll find this slot very recognizable. The characters are true to form and so are the voices and the overall design. Of course, the first South Park slot remained even closer to the series, because South Park Reel Chaos comes with a superhero theme. The boys are out to save everyone from Professor Chaos, his evil minion and General Disarray.

That means the toilet humour from the first slot is missing here, which is not necessarily upsetting. Some may even appreciate that. It may make South Park Reel Chaos just slightly less entertaining, especially since this one is all about the boys, whereas the other slot also featured a lot of minor characters. Here we get a set of new characters, all children dressed up as evil overlords or something like that. The evil minions, however, are guinea pigs, which is certainly unexpected.


Just like the original South Park slot, Reel Chaos comes with plenty of bonus features. In the base game four are triggered at random and here is what they look like:

Cartman’s Stacked Wilds – General Disarray, a kid in glasses, is running along the reels and superhero Cartman is chasing after him. He climbs up or slides down the reels, leaving them all wild. You may get one, two or more wild reels here.

Kenny’s Multiplier – Here Kenny is going up against Professor Chaos himself. The two are fighting each other and a multiplier wheel of fortune is spinning, determining what multiplier you get on a win. Up to 5x is possible, but more often than not you’ll get 3.

Kyle’s Random Wilds – Kyle is trying to shot down the evil minions, who have been set loose by Professor Chaos. Every symbol he hits will turn wild, giving you 3 to 5 extra wilds on average.

Stan’s Multiplier Re-Spins – Easily the most lucrative of the four features. Stan is trying to fix the reels, because no wins are appearing. For every successively lost re-spin you will get an increased multiplier. That means you’ll be hoping for as many lost spins as possible to get you up to 10x on a win when it finally hits. Mostly you’ll end up with 3x or 4x your bet, though.

The main feature, the bonus round, is called the Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Free Spins. Mintberry is the main superhero of the slot: half boy, half berry. If you spin the bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5, the feature gets triggered. You’ll have to defeat Professor Chaos and his minions, beginning on level 1, where you face the evil guinea pigs. For every winnings spin you get a shot at your adversary, for every losing spin they get one.

Power meters on each side indicate success. If you don’t get winning spins, you lose power and will end up defeated. So you’ll be hoping for winnings spins. Once the evil minions are defeated, you level up to face off against General Disarray. Next up is Professor Chaos himself and should you defeat him, he’ll mutate into a manga style (think Son Goku in Dragonball Z) super villain that you will then have to defeat on the last level. Bear in mind that your power meter does not get recharged.

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With free spins being triggered fairly often and the bonus features in the base game keeping you not only entertained but also topped up on your funds, you’ll hardly get bored with this slot. South Park Reel Chaos is fun and irreverent just like the original. The theme is different and may not be one for every South Park fan.

But those who are not into the show will still find this one entertaining, because it doesn’t have the toilet humour that some giggle at. If you like lots of bonus features that don’t detract from the main purpose of a slot, namely spinning the reels, you’ll definitely like this slot.

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