Scarface Slot Review

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Scarface Slot Features

  • 3 bonus features
  • High quality graphics
  • Lots of opportunity to win
  • 60,000-coin top jackpot
  • Interactive mini-game
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Scarface Slot Basics

April 2012
Reels / Paylines:
5 reels / 20 paylines
Coins Range:
0.01 - 0.50
Bet Range:
Max Win:
Win up to 60,000 coins

About Scarface Slots

5-column slot machine with a heavy Scarface theme. Any fans of the movie franchise are sure to fawn over this highly detailed game. Scarface, a franchise with high mass-market appeal, this could easily have been a game NetEnt phoned in. However, while, his game evokes much from the film classic, the developers were definitely not resting on the laurels of the movie’s success, and poured a ton of development and innovation into this 5/5 star winner of a slots game.

Game in Action

scarface slot machine gameplay

Scarface Slot in action

Scarface is a great slot game based off the very popular Scarface movie series. It offers very simple gameplay, including the ability to change coin value and autoplay, but makes sure to keep the player entertained by showcasing various characters and even spraying blood and money when you win. In addition, there are bonus games available to play, adding another layer of depth to the game. It draws people in with a movie in the very beginning, highlighting key moments in the actual Scarface movie. This, coupled with an undeniable urge to see what’s in store ahead, can suck someone in and keep them playing for hours without thinking about it.

Music & Animation

“scarfaceWith very fluid and solid animation, it almost gives you the feel of being in Las Vegas, however the background is somewhat dark, really only showing the color brown, and the music is very ominous and repetitive, slightly shifting the mood to something more morbid but still relatively enjoyable to listen to. The sound effects are very short but bring attention to whatever the latest move in the slots were. For more classic slots players, the nonstop animation at victories may get a little tiresome on the eyes, but from a strictly visual perspective, the game is a winner in this area.

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Scarface allows for a bonus game that may appear when 3 Stacked Wilds appear on 3 different reels activating Nudge spins or Free spins. The slot game play is very much like the average but the videos and mini games make the game go above and beyond. By teaming with Universal, this game will have you screaming out “say hello to my little friend!” Even as a person with no exposure to the Scarface storyline will find much to praise about this slots game.

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