Mega Joker Slot Review

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Mega Joker Slot Features

  • Great winning chances
  • Skill based
  • High RTP
  • Lack of features
  • High variance
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Mega Joker Slot Basics

October 2013
Net Entertainment
Reels / Paylines:
3 Reels / 5 Paylines
Up to 99.0%
Coins Range:
$0.10 - $0.20
Bet Range:
1 or 10
Max Win:
2000 Coins

About Mega Joker Slots

Net Entertainment is probably the most well known slot publisher there is in the whole world. They have been able to come up with a lot of titles that have caught a huge fan base around them, like Starburst. This review is now considering one very popular title they have, which is surprisingly a classical slot. There are multiple reason that people like it - some can’t get enough of the positive ambiance around the game, some love the soundtrack that is included. But everyone agrees that the best thing about this particular slot is its RTP (Return to Player), which is 99.0%! This is the biggest RTP among Net Entertainment’s slot, which also makes it the slot with the biggest chance to get your money back that Net Entertainment currently has.

Game in Action

Mystery win on the Mega Joker Slot

As incredible as it might sound, Net Entertainment’s biggest RTP is in a classic slot. The thing behind this is that I have played a lot of Mega Joker, but it is pretty much only because of the vast difference in RTP compared to other slots. If you have at least some kind of understanding how the slot works, you have a chance to score high and win ridiculous amounts of money.

The slot itself doesn’t really feature anything that would otherwise blow your mind. The Supermeter Mode is a nice addition that gives a similar feeling of getting to gamble your bet as Golden Legend, but it is a much more unstable way to get winnings. Or at least it feels that way. Also, the Jackpot that the game features is not really the biggest one there is, but it does provide the excitement of hunting for a big win.

The best way to describe Mega Joker when you take everything mentioned before this into consideration is that it is a slot with ridiculous payout, but only average with regards to features.


Mega Joker has two bonuses:

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Mega Joker is a classic slot that has reached popularity by being the slot with the highest RTP among Net Entertainment’s slots. It is a good game with a positive, fun theme, but it doesn’t really feature anything groundbreaking or something that would make the player keep playing it for hours upon hours. The reason we give it such a decent rating anyways is because of the huge RTP and it is quite good for being a classic slot. Still, we have other machines we will turn to way more often.

It also doesn’t really fit beginners well, since it doesn’t really represent what most slots look or feel like. Beginners should opt for games like Double Bubble.

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