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Fantasini Slot Features

  • 243 Ways to Win
  • Linked Reels
  • Excellent mobile version
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • No bonus round of free spins
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Fantasini Slot Basics

February 2016
Net Entertainment
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 243 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $0.50
Bet Range:
Max Win:
135,000 Coins

About Fantasini Slots

NetEnt‘s Fantasini: Master of Mystery hails back to another era, when we could still believe in magic and illusions. Houdini, of course, is a name everyone recognizes and he no doubt inspired the character of Fantasini, who is an illusionist quite worth his money. But make no mistake, there’s no trickery at play in the Master of Mystery slot. Instead you get a solid game with one or two aces up its sleeve, where you can while away a surprising amount of time.

Game in Action

Fantasini: Master of Mystery slot

Screenshot of the Fantasini: Master of Mystery Slot

With Fantasini: Master of Mystery Net Entertainment went down the magical route, but not the kind we get in the Wizard of Oz, for instance. No, this is the kind that enchanted visitors at the turn of the century – one hundred years ago. The slot is dark and a little bit eerie. The soundtrack just underscores that atmosphere. The visitor, or in this case players, is meant to be enthralled.

A few paraphernalia of Fantasini’s trade are flitting across the reels, as is Fantasini himself and, of course, the mandatory beautiful assistant. Fantasini acts as the Wild symbol, which replaces all other symbols. There are no scatters here. Best of all, the slot pays 243 ways, which means three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels are usually enough to score you a win.


Well, Fantasini decided to make do without a bonus or free spins round altogether. You’ll have to decide yourself, if that is a good thing or not. Instead the bonus feature that makes Fantasini a worthwhile slot are Linked Reels. Fittingly the reels (always at least two) are linked by golden chains that wrap around the reels in a rather magical way. Those reels then show identical symbols, which increases the chance of wins, especially if the first two or reels two and three are linked.

But it doesn’t quite stop there. Magic is also applied when the linked reels expand. Often you won’t get more than one additional reel linked in by the chains, but if you get four, winnings will become a lot more rewarding. When five reels are linked up you could score quite a jackpot. But that does depend on the value of the symbols of the reels.

Then again the slot pays 243 ways, so you’ll be seeing the coins bouncing around regardless of the value of the symbols.

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Fantasini is an atmospheric slot and works without flashy effects. The linked up chains are just about the only real effect we get, but it’s quite a nice one. The background music is effective and despite a decided lack of features, Fantasini keeps you engaged. Watching the reels linking up is somewhat enchanting and because it keeps happening, you keep playing.

Still, the slot would certainly have benefited from a bonus round. Simply to add a little more magic to it. There would have been a much higher entertainment value, if there would have been a bonus round demonstrating one of those famous magical tricks.

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