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Aliens Slot Features

  • Slot based on iconic movie franchise
  • Bonus round features 3 levels
  • Brilliant graphics and effects
  • Mobile Version
  • You will rarely reach The Hive
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Aliens Slot Basics

April 2014
Net Entertainment
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 15 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.01 - $1.00
Bet Range:
1 - 10
Max Win:

About Aliens Slots

The Aliens movies, especially the first and second one, are true sci-fi classics. It’s therefore no surprise that NetEnt developed a slot based on the second movie in cooperation with 20th Century Fox. And, boy, did they ever deliver a brilliant slot. Whilst the gameplay is surprisingly simple, it’s also incredibly engaging and you will not find yourself get bored any time soon.

Game in Action

Aliens slot

Screenshot of the Aliens Slot

NetEnt’s Aliens looks and feels very much like you would hope after watching the movies. The soundtrack is dark and eerie, the sound effects in keeping with those from the movies. But the visuals are what make this slot truly outstanding. Of course, everything is very dark, you are hunting for aliens in an abandoned planetary station, after all. There are a variety of Aliens and face huggers on the reel symbols and they tend to come alive when they’re part of a winning combination.

The Weyland-Yutani symbol stands in as a Wild, which is incredibly fitting. The buttons and layout are all very futuristic and won’t disappoint either. The bonus game, then, delivers us a similar experience to a first-person shooter game. You’ll be viewing the action from the Marine’s helmet camera whilst roaming the halls, finding dead marines, killing face huggers and aliens and trying to get to the Hive. The graphics and effects are outstanding and without a doubt among the best NetEnt has ever given us.

All that aside, the base game, considered Level 1 in the game, is pretty straight forward. You’re trying to get winning combinations, which helps you collect symbols for the meter on top of the screen. Once you have 10 of those, you’ll be launched into Level 2. The symbols you collect come with multipliers and the more symbols of the same type you collect in one go, the higher the multiplier that is attached to those symbols for the next round. But beware, whenever you don’t get a winning combination, you are also losing those collected symbols and the multipliers. That hurts a little, especially when you already had 9.


If you manage it into Level 2, and you will do so fairly often, you’ll be playing “The Encounter”. Here you get free spins with guaranteed wins and multipliers on every round, thanks to the symbols you collected during Level 1 or “The Search”. In theory you can get 10 free spins in this round, but only if your Marine survives. With every free spin you will be walking down the dark halls and once you happen upon a victim, you’ll be searching them for leftover ammunition, because you’re going to need it.

Only if you have ammunition, will you be able to shoot the Alien or face hugger attack that will come invariably. Once you run out of ammunition, your Marine dies and you get booted back to Level 1.

Should you make it through all the encounters, however, you’ll land in Level 3, “The Hive”. Here you’ll find yourself in the nest and it’s up to you to kill the Queen. You have 5 spins to destroy the Queen with random grenades. A health meter for the Hive will show you how successful you are. Of course, if you get killed first, you’ll land back in Level 1. Should you kill the Queen, you’ll be awarded the highest coin prize of the game and then the feature is over.

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Aliens looks brilliant, offers a unique and genuine atmosphere that will definitely remind you of the movies and it offers outstanding gameplay. Even though the base game is quite simple and there is only one bonus feature, Net Entertainment somehow managed to provide us with a very entertaining slot. You’ll be at the edge of your seat even in the base game, when you are collecting those symbols that will launch the bonus features.

And once you hit Level 2, you keep praying to find enough ammunition to keep you going for a little while longer. It is quite a bummer, of course, if you get booted out after two spins, because you couldn’t find more ammunition on the first victim you found. It’ll happen, you better believe it. Thankfully you’ll be able to launch the feature relatively frequently.

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