​Best Learner Motorcyle Insurance 2018

Obtaining your licence to ride a motorcycle is certainly a great achievement but it must be accompanied by the best learner motorcycle insurance. Unlike when you are learning how to drive a car with a professional instructor by your side throughout, when learning bike riding, you are completely on your own from the very beginning. Given that scenario, it becomes important to not only get the right kind of bike riding training but to also have a suitable motorbike insurance cover.

Nothing can compare to the excitement of owning your first motorcycle and being able to ride on the wide open roads. The fact is that whether this is your very first bike, your first ride or getting a bike upgrade, everybody needs to be adequately covered by insurance. Having the best learner motorcycle insurance is particularly vital for learners.

Why Get Motorcyle Insurance?

Riding a good motorcycle is much more than a means of transportation. Riding is about the freedom, the excitement, and the sheer fun that can only come from simply being on a two wheeler. For many bike owners, this machine becomes a source of joy and pride – and should anything unexpected happen to your beloved machine, you will want to have the peace of mind that only best learner motorcycle insurance can give.

In nearly every country, before you can take to the road on a motorcycle or moped, it is mandatory to not only have a valid motorbike riding certificate but also some form of insurance policy. Motorcycle insurance offers you financial cover in case your motorcycle is stolen, damaged, lost or involved in an accident. It also comes with liability coverage in the event you are the one responsible for property damage or injuries to another person.

Perhaps nothing feels better than knowing that your insurance company is with you no matter what happens.  Having the best learner motorcycle insurance not only covers your bike and yourself but you also get some great packages and benefits.

1. RAC Insurance Limited

RAC ranks among the best learner motorcycle insurance providers as they have been assisting bikers for 120 years. This has given this insurance Company the opportunity of understanding your needs as a motorcycle owner, especially if you are a learner. From super-sport bikes to modest mopeds, you can safely entrust your motoring pride and joy with the insurance experts at RAC. Whether you are just starting your biking adventure on a 125cc bike, or just bought a powerful 150cc highway cruiser, RAC Insurance Limited offers you a broad range of motorbike insurance options designed to provide the protection you and your bike requires.

When you opt for a new insurance policy for your motorcycle (from 16th October 2017) with RAC, you stand to get a free neck tube. RAC has several options such Standard and Enhanced Insurance Plus, as well as a suite of Optional Extras designed to make sure you get the right cover.

Your standard bike insurance package includes:

Claims management service 24/7.

Standard 90 days EU cover in three 30-day periods.

NCD discounts (including up to 3-years old) if you are a returning biker.

Flexible cover options - multi-bike policies as well as cover for bike modifications and accessories.

Besides the above benefits, when you opt for the bike insurance plus package, you also get:

  • Bike Hire Plus Cover – In the event of your bike not being fit for riding due to accidental damage, vandalism, fire, or theft, RAC provides you with a replacement ride for up to 14 days.

Helmet & Leathers coverage options.

Personal Accident cover.

  • Excess Protect Cover.
  • Legal Expenses Cover
  • Key Protect Cover.
  • RAC Breakdown Cover - 24 hour assistance in case you experience a breakdown (options for UK and Europe available)

This ranks among the best learner motorcycle insurance companies as you can tailor their products to suit your specific needs and they will work with you to ensure that you get the best price possible.

2. IC Insurance Limited

There is perhaps no greater feeling than when on your motorbike on the highway particularly when you are covered by the best learner motorcycle insurance. Perhaps you have just acquired a modified bike and are struggling to get the most suitable motorbike insurance package that meets your requirements. It doesn’t matter whether your bike is going to be your main form of transport or you just want to ride for fun, IC Insurance Limited has the right motorbike insurance cover for you.

By searching the Insurance Choice panel of insurers, you are certain of getting what you want for the teams of insurance experts working with this Company understand motorcycle insurance needs. At Insurance Choice, they appreciate the fact that no two motor owners or bikes are the same. This forms the foundation of how IC treat your individual needs, working hard to identify the most appropriate type of motorcycle insurance for you as a learner.

So whether you will be embarking on a European road trip or simply riding on a weekend afternoon, IC Insurance Limited has the best learner motorcycle insurance cover for you.

Your insurance policy packages options include the following:

  • Comprehensive or 3rd Party, the choice is yours.
  • Cover when you ride other bikes.
  • European cover.
  • Cover for classic motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, and trikes.

Specialising in providing tailored insurance, IC Insurance believe that nothing should stop you from enjoying your possessions. Whether it’s that perfect getaway you have always wanted or a cruise across the continent on your new motorcycle, IC has you covered, no matter how unique your needs.  

Insurance Choice (IC) is a reputable specialist when it comes to arranging cover for your different insurance needs. They understand that each of their motorcycle riders is different and hence why they endeavour to design the best learner motorcycle insurance that is truly bespoke for you.

3. Highway Insurance

Highway has some of the best learner motorcycle insurance packages. They are designed to provide coverage for a broad spectrum of motorcycles that includes sports, scooters, mopeds, classic, naked, and adventure. Among other products, the most widely sought are comprehensive, 3rd party, theft and fire.

Comprehensive – This cover is available for motorcycles up to 35 years or classics up to 60 years. Also available under this package is a No Claims Bonus extended scale as well as discounts for approved immobilizers and alarms plus approved rider training. This is rated among the best learner motorcycle insurance products by most reviewers.

Third Party Cover - Unlimited indemnity in the event of injury or death to 3rd parties (with the exception of your passengers). It also offers limited coverage for possible damage to property owned by 3rd parties.

Legal Representation and Costs – Covers you for reasonable legal expenses and costs for anyone insured during an enquiry, inquest or defending manslaughter charges or causing death through reckless or dangerous driving.

Emergency Medical Treatment – Highway pays for emergency medical treatment following an accident.

Fire & Theft Cover – Covers you for damage or loss of your insured bike, the standard accessories as well as a sidecar by fire, explosion, lightning, theft or even attempted theft.

Accidental Damage – This covers you for damage or loss of your insured motorcycle and your standard accessories.

New Motorcycle Replacement – In case within 6 months of acquiring the insured new motorcycle it incurs damage costing in excess of 60% of the manufacturer’s price, Highway replaces it with a new bike of the same model, make, and specification.

Optional Coverage – Covers you when you are riding other private bikes. Also gives you 3rd party cover for any bikes not owned by you but which you ride with the permission of that owner.

Highway has one of the best learner motorcycle insurance packages because it gives you the right of cancelling within the stipulated period without having to give any reasons.

​4. ​USAA Limited

As a learner, protecting your motorcycle investment starts with the best learner motorcycle insurance company. USAA Limited serves individuals who are currently or previously serving in the different arms of the United States Armed forces as well as their families. Also served are those who have separated or retired honourably from the U.S. military.

USAA Limited works with top-rated motorcycle insurers towards ensuring that you get the most optimal combination of coverage and pricing as you would as a member of USAA. In addition, if you are seeking to get a new bike or refinance it, this Company helps you in setting up an affordable payment plan.

Multiple Coverage - This package is not just limited to motorbikes, it also covers scooters, ATVs, and mopeds.

Discount – Members of USAA receive a 5% discount whenever they get their motorcycle insurance through a USAA agency provider.

Features of the USAA motorcycle insurance:

  • Roadside Assistance 24-hour.
  • Supportive Claims Service.
  • Discount for Safety Course.
  • Multiple Motorcycles Discount.
  • Claims Free Discount.
  • Trained Customer Service.

You will also be at peace in the knowledge that the USAA claims team is on 24 hour standby. USAA Limited has been rated by reviews as one of the best learner motorcycle insurance companies for several reasons:

  • Convenient Claims - Get convenient and fast service that is with you before, during the claim process and even after.
  • Easy Access – Easily manage your motorcycle insurance policy online or even from your mobile device.
  • Fast Online insurance Quotes – This is through a simple online tool.

USAA Insurance Limited has received some of the highest scores among companies for their consistent customer advocacy. The insurer strives to ensure every interaction with their membership is truly exceptional.

Grounded in the military, USAA brings its unique style to your finances through an exclusive range of financial tools and products making it one of the best learner motorcycle insurance companies in the US today.