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Tomb Raider Slot Features

  • Simple and fast slot machine
  • Frequent free spins
  • Dated slot machine
  • Bland slot machine
  • Lack of jackpots
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Tomb Raider Slot Basics

November 2008
Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 15 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.05 - $5.00
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
112,500 Coins

About Tomb Raider Slots

After so many movie themed slots that have been released lately, it is nice to also see something a bit different. Microgaming released a small while ago a notification that they would be taking their hands on a slot, which would feature a video game theme. And the ending results is Tomb Raider, a slot that is based on one of the best selling video game series ever released. The slot has a lot of fans that are expecting high quality - but what is the reality behind Tomb Raider?

Game in Action

Free spins on the Tomb Raider Slot

As someone who has lived through the years when Tomb Raider was a huge thing, this game is something that I was eager to try. And the game was… alright. It is rather hard to say why I feel this way, but most of Microgaming’s other games feature something completely new, which showcases some creativity, while this just seems like a rather bland slot.

There were so many things that were also expected for this game, which is mostly since the most well known slots that Microgaming have done in the past years have been with 243 ways to win, so something more classical really had a chance to do something completely new. This slot is just really a typical slot that can’t really add anything new that hasn’t been seen before.

The slot is still good. It offers a theme that will give satisfaction to any true gaming fan that has played through the Tomb Raider series, and the bonuses are still packed with a high payout. The soundtrack works really well, the animations are smooth, and the average winnings are often high.


Tomb Raider slot has three bonuses:


Tomb Raider is a slot that throws the player back to the days when Tomb Raider still was a huge thing. Sadly, the game doesn’t hold up very well these days compared to 7 years ago when it were first released.

The slot is an average machine that can still offer high winnings if the player is just looking for high volatility slots, but besides that it is rather boring. It is good for beginners, which is a great thing.

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