Double Diamond Slot Review

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Double Diamond Slot Features

  • Great classic slot machine
  • High winning potential
  • High variance
  • Far between winnings
  • Maybe a bit too simplistic?
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Double Diamond Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
3 Reels / 1 Payline
Coins Range:
$100 - $1000
Bet Range:
Max Win:
1,000 Coins

About Double Diamond Slots

One payline slots are a rarity that you don’t get to stumble upon very often. This is why it is always such a pleasure to see one. Now IGT has decided to add one more of these into their variety of slots, and it is amazing to see one of them! They are slots which often feature an unique, completely new concept that many people haven’t even heard of before. They are also due to this often underestimated before they are given a chance. Double Diamond for example should be given a chance, since its return rate is a promising 95.44%, and the winnings seem to be high. Which is why we decided it would be the perfect time to do a small review of it!

Game in Action

Win on the Double Diamond Slot

Some people really like these kind of games, while some people can’t stand games like these. Most often it boils down to personal opinion whether someone starts playing a slot, but it is honestly worth it to take a shot with this one in my opinion. The reason for this is that the slot has a lot more to offer than it might seem like.

For me, Double Diamond has given hours worth of entertainment, since I have played this slot for a long time now. The things that I especially like are the nice animations, combined with the relaxing spin sounds, and the unbeatably good bonuses. The highest payout is ridiculous, but there are also other symbol combinations that give high winnings. The next biggest after the 1000x from Double Diamonds are triple Sevens, which give your bet back with an 80x multiplier, and the third biggest win is three Bar symbols with a 40x multiplier!


The game has one bonus:

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Double Diamonds is a great slot that should be given a chance. It is often underestimated by many people due to the low amount of paylines, but don’t let this give you the illusion of it being a poorly paying game!

The only thing that should be said in advance for any new players reading this review, this game isn’t probably a very good game for beginners. Beginners should opt for games like Thunderstruck II or Gonzo’s Quest.

Our rating:

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