What is the Best Health Insurance for Over 50 Year Olds 2020 / 2021?

Today, the good news is that health insurance for over 50 year olds has become more readily available, thanks to several reputable insurance providers. For many young people who are in good health and physical shape, to get life insurance coverage is usually an easy thing. In fact, in most cases, it’s simply a matter of choosing a provider and the amount the protection amount, applying, passing the required medical exam, and then waiting for the approval of the underwriter.

However, after age 50, your options for health insurance for over 50 year olds are often different and more limited than during your more youthful years. As would be expected, your health generally declines as you age – and when it comes to getting life insurance, both your health and age are the two most important aspects that underwriters review when determining whether you qualify for coverage.

Getting Over 50s Health Insurance Tips

​Even after age 50, you can still get quality health insurance. It all comes down to proper strategizing and identifying a suitable insurance provider.

  • Shop Around. Contact several insurance brokers and discuss the possibilities, but also carry out your own research. There are endless many insurance companies out there can suit your needs. You could, for example, go to an online price comparison website where you can get all the information you will need to make an informed decision.
  • Look for Hidden Benefits – As you compare policies, always look beyond the stated prices. Some life policies may have some unique benefits that could be lacking in others, though the pricing is similar.

Regardless of your health or age, remember that if something tragic happened to you, your loved ones could find themselves facing a massive debt as well as other final expenses. That is why you need to get health insurance for over 50 year olds from a reputable and reliable insurance provider.

1. AIG Europe Limited

American International Group offers a diversity of insurance products such as health insurance for over 50 year olds that are designed to fit your budget, time frame, and needs. You no doubt cherish, love your family and want them protected as you hit 50 years plus, and nothing is better than insuring yourself with a suitable health insurance for over 50 year olds.

Assurant Europe Health helps individuals and their families to be well-prepared for life’s unexpected turns and contributes to reducing financial burden during hard times. Assurant also covers your belongings with the goal of ensuring they get replaced or fixed fast. This is very suitable for those individuals looking for basic life and health insurance coverage for a set duration.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life – This affordable life insurance simplified as it requires no medical exam and you are not asked any health questions as you are guaranteed of acceptance. You can use this product towards covering your family against expenses such as credit cards bills, medical bills or funeral costs. For this health insurance for over 50 year olds package, all persons between ages 50 and 85 are guaranteed acceptance regardless of their health status.

Quality of Life Assured - A package of products designed to help in protecting and enhancing today’s quality of life and the kind of life you are dreaming of for the years ahead. They are excellent for those who want flexible coverage that comes with options of basic interest crediting as well as living benefits potential.

Variable Universal Life – Good options for those seeking health insurance for over 50 year olds. It provides permanent protection along with the chance of accumulating cash value through different and separate account options.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Helps in securing the future of your family through affordable dismemberment and accidental death insurance cover.

The diversity of service and product offerings from AIG has assisted individuals, families, and businesses protect their savings, assets, as well as in managing risks with the goal of providing retirement security. Notable among these products is health insurance for over 50 year olds.

BAWA Healthcare and Leisure

BAWA health insurance for over 50 year olds offers comprehensive medical insurance to its members for most curable medical conditions. The Medicare scheme gives peace of mind in the knowledge that should you fall sick, expert staff will be at hand to treat you quickly. BAWA Medicare enables members to get medical diagnosis as well as treatment for the majority of curable medical conditions. The medical insurance policy offers you a generous outpatient allowance and has been designed to cover you for the cost of getting private in-patient treatment.

Joining Bawa Medicare scheme - Anyone who is a member of BAWA aged 18 years and over can join the Medicare Scheme along with anyone from their immediate family. Partners are not required to be married. To join, you simply need to get in touch with the Medicare advisor who will dispatch an application form to be completed and returned to BAWA. Upon receipt of your form, BAWA organizes payments with your payroll department or yourself as appropriate.

The Medicare scheme Benefits - Members of the BAWA Medicare scheme can cover themselves as well as members of their immediate family at the following monthly rates:

  • Adults - £87.95
  • Under 21s - £32.55
  • 0ver 65s - £237.50

All insurance schemes that cover health issues differ in some way and can never be completely similar. With this insurer, when you are between 21-65 years you don’t get subjected to premium rate increases because of your age, one reason why experts rate BAWA Medicare as an excellent health insurance for over 50 year olds. This effectively means that you don’t get penalized with more costly premium rates. You are not required to undergo any medical examination.

BAWA Medicare scheme provides you comprehensive cover that includes diverse benefits ranging from in-patient accommodation, diagnostic procedures, theatre fees, anaesthetist’s and surgeon’s fees.

BAWA is ranked among the largest associations in the West of England of its kind, providing members with a broad range of benefits that include facilities, services, and healthcare benefits. This is perhaps the best health insurance for over 50 year olds as it also covers you for out-patient medical services to the tune of £1,400 annually per policy.

2. AXA PPP Healthcare Limited

In today’s complex and ever-changing world, nothing could be as important as health insurance for over 50 year olds. AXA offers you a variety of medical services that include healthcare insurance plans that can be tailored to your individual needs, health assessments, dental plans, and a digital GP service, among many others.

AXA PPP Healthcare Limited has many experience people helping those who want to switch to private health insurance as they undertake all the required paperwork on your behalf. In the majority of cases, you will continue to receive coverage without any unnecessary interruptions. So AXA is really more than just an insurer, they are your partner in the provision of health insurance for over 50 year olds.

They offer a range of health plans options that are competitive ranging from helping you with everyday medical costs to other deeper private health insurance aspects.

Key highlights include:

Private Health Insurance – Gives access to quick diagnosis and treatment from a consultant or hospital of your choice.

LiveSmart Assessments – The product provides convenient and affordable health assessments as well as health improvement programmes, easily performed at home. These assessments are designed to accord you an in-depth insight into your overall current health while highlighting potential areas of health risk and giving actionable improvement recommendations.

Dental Insurance – As part of your health insurance for over 50 year olds, the AXA PPP Healthcare dental insurance package makes caring for your teeth affordable. Whether you opt for a private or NHS dentist, the plans are designed to help you in managing the cost of dental bills that are covered.

AXA PPP understands that you value the health of your family's and that is why they also offer extensive cover for family and children in their plans that facilitate speedy access to select diagnosis and treatment options within the framework of a GP referral. The handy health and wellbeing section of AXA PPP Healthcare Limited provides useful information about illnesses and other medical conditions that can affect your health insurance for over 50 year olds.

​3. A​etna Insurance Company Limited

Aetna provides health insurance for over 50 year olds to its members in the UK and globally. The offerings from this Company include medical insurance for families, individuals, teachers and business clients. Previously known as InterGlobal Insurance Company, the Insurer now goes by the name Aetna Insurance Company Limited from November 2014. Its products, plans, and services are accessible through a designated network of professionals. The company has strategic insurance partnerships with several reputable international brands in the insurance sector

Choosing Aetna Insurance translates into placing your faith in a Company that is known to offer accessible, high-quality health insurance plans and services that have been designed to meet your specific needs. According to the management of this Insurer, this is something they don’t take lightly and consider it a high priority.

The company provides health insurance for over 50 year olds to cover a broad range of health conditions that typically affect over 50 year olds.

  • In-patient cancer care and day-care treatment that includes physiotherapy.
  • Out-patient 90-day treatment following a hospital stay that includes physiotherapy cover.
  • Out-patient treatment and surgical procedures that include physiotherapy, psychiatric treatment, and complementary medicine.
  • Maintenance of chronic conditions, a crucial aspect of health insurance for over 50 year olds.
  • Medical repatriation and evacuation.
  • Emergency treatment outside your area of coverage.
  • Out-patient dental treatments, dental check-ups, and routine health checks.
  • Compassionate emergency visit to an affected family member.
  • One hearing and one sight examination.

Aetna Insurance Company is based in Farnham, UK and was founded in 1998. It has presence in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For over half a century, Aetna has been extending their services across the globe, banking on their deep knowledge of the market and delivering insurance products that are essential to their clients.   The Company is an Aetna HoldCo (UK) Limited subsidiary, world leaders when it comes to in providing quality health care benefits that extend to health insurance for over 50 year olds and over.