Slot Machine Tips – How to Beat Online Slots

Let me guess –

You want to win more money playing slots. You’d like to beat the house senseless.

Well, I got some news for you.

You can’t.

Let’s get something straight –

There is no way to beat a slot machine. There is no element of skill. And the house edge can be as high as 30 percent.

Now… you might get lucky and win a ton of money. Maybe even a jackpot. It’s possible you don’t end up a lifetime loser (playing slots).

But guess what?

Most people will.

Anyway, the point of this page isn’t to make fun of you for trying or to nag you. In fact, I truly do want to help you have a good time playing slots. Maybe even make more money.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Join a casino with comps

Both brick and mortar and online casinos have loyalty programs or comp programs. These pay you in different ways. It can be in cashback or with perks like free shows, games, hotel rooms, food and more.

Online casinos usually track how much you spend and give you points. Then you can use those points to exchange for money or to increase your VIP status so you can get things like more points, reload bonuses and the ability to earn points faster.

The Wizard of Odds says that a $1 slot player will likely get comped better than the $100 blackjack player. So a comps program isn’t something you want to skimp on.

2. Take the deposit bonus

This comes with a caveat, which I’ll explain in just a second.

Anyway, I suggest taking the deposit bonus because it’s money you wouldn’t have otherwise to play with. You can keep all the money you win, assuming you fulfill the requirements.

The caveat is if you know you’d like to cash out sometime in the near future. Play through requirements can be brutal, often requiring you to wager thousands of dollars beforehand. If you’re not willing to wait then you’ll want to pass on the deposit bonus.

3. Find a casino with a high payback percentage

All things being equal, a casino that pays out 95% on their slots is going to put more money in your pocket than the casino that pays out 90%. It’s simple math.

4. Skip the jackpot

I suggest avoiding the max bets (for the progressive jackpot) unless you can truly afford it. Why? Because chances are you won’t win it.

What? I’m just being honest.

But skipping the jackpot means you’ll have more money to play with. I like that approach more than trying to win a long-shot jackpot.

5. Don’t fall for scams or courses

There is no way to beat a slot machine. So don’t waste your money buying products from gurus that say otherwise. Unless you’re reading them for entertainment, they’re a rip-off.

6. Delay the bonus round

In some games, like The Dark Knight, you’ll win bonus rounds. In one of the bonus rounds you go head-to-head with the other person (Batman or The Joker) in a race. You can race right away and have a 1x multiplier at the end. Or you can save these and for each bonus round you save, you earn another multiplier. The longer you save your bonus rounds the more money you’ll earn at the end of the race.

And that’s only one example – there are lots more like it.

7. Stick to simpler games

The simpler the game, the better your odds – according to the Wizard of Odds. The way to think about it is this – someone has to pay for the fancier slot machines with the big signs and video screens. Guess who that is?


That said, these games are more fun to play. So you do have to decide if you want to sacrifice fun to maybe keep more money in your pocket.

8. Play higher denomination games

The higher the stakes you play the better your odds. For example, it is better to play a one coin per line on a 5-cent machine than to play 5 coins on a 1-cent game.

9. Play slowly

This is my best advice. I used to be the type of person who would win at slots, and then I would hit the spin button so the payout would hit my balance faster instead of waiting for the slot machine to pay me. I just wanted to spin, spin, spin, as fast I could.

Not anymore. That’s the fastest way to burn through your bankroll.

Now I take my time. I wait for the machine to pay me. And, trust me; it takes patience to wait for $5 or $10 to hit your account 1-cent at a time. But your bankroll will last longer.

I take my time during bonus rounds and during cut scenes and animations too.

10. Avoid slots in areas with a captive audience

You don’t want to play slots in places like an airport or restaurant. Those are notorious for having tighter machines than, say, the Las Vegas Strip.

11. Choose machines with smaller jackpots

If you’re going to play a progressive jackpot, choose one with a smaller payout since it is more likely to pay out compared to a larger one. You have better odds of walking away a winner.

12. Choose mechanical slots over video slots

The reason why you want to stick to mechanical slots is because there’s less time between spins. Compare that to a video slot machine that has tons of animation and wait time between spins.

Because of that the casino tightens up their video slot machines to make up for it.

13. Play off the strip

If you’re going to play slots in Las Vegas you’re going to have better odds playing off The Strip rather than on it. The difference is small, but since you can’t beat slots you might as well take any advantage you can.

14. When you win, walk away

Easier said than done, I know.

I try to do this after I win a jackpot or large sum of money. Especially if it puts me up for the session, the day or trip. You get to walk away feeling like a winner.

And that’s a hard feeling to get when you’re playing a game like slots.