A Guide to Playing Slots Online

If you want to play online slots, but are stuck, then this is the page you’ll want to bookmark.

What you’ll find below is a simple guide that walks you through the basics to playing slots online.

The 0-60 Slots Guide

Below you’ll find 7 pages that will give you a jumpstart to playing slots online. This will get you going from 0-60 in no time flat.

Finding a Slot Casino – Want to find a safe, legit and fair slot casino? This page will tell you how. We also provide you with tips for how to know you’ve joined a scam casino, as well as for what pitfalls to watch out for if you’re doing your own research.

Slot Bonuses – Did you know that casinos give out money to first time depositors? And that slot players get more than any other person in the casino? Sounds great, right? Well, hold on, because there are rules in place to ensure that earning the bonus won’t be a piece of cake. Be sure to read this page BEFORE accepting a deposit bonus.

How to Play Slots – I know – you drop a coin in the machine and press spin. All done, right?

Not so fast.

There is a lot to a slot machine you might not know. Do you know which combos win you money? Did you know you can set a slot machine to run on autopilot? Do you know of all the neat features slot machines can have?

No? Then you’ll want to read this page.

Types of Slot Machines – This page compliments the last. I explain the different types of slot machines you can play including 3D, themes and 3-reel classics. We also provide examples of casinos and software providers that have these kinds of slots.

Slot Tips – Do you want to know how to win at slots? Doesn’t everybody? The truth is… well, you’ll have to read to find out. But I do share tips on how to line your pockets with more of the green stuff while playing the game that has nearly the worst odds in the entire casino.

FAQ – Have a question we failed to answer in one of the previous pages? Check this page out – you might find your question answered here.

Glossary – Do you wonder what a multiplier is, or what a pay table is? This page will give you the most common words used in slots and online casinos, as well as what it means.

Okay, so these pages will get you up to speed …fast.

But chances are you have questions about banking, playing from a specific country and so on.

If so, the next section is for you.

Other Important Slot Topics

Here are a few more pages I highly recommend you read before playing online. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Country Specific Casinos – Do you live in the US, UK, Canada or one of the other larger countries? Do you want to know what casinos are available in your neck of the woods? Then this section is for you. We have written up region-specific advice for where to play, the types of rules and laws you have to deal with, and anything else we deem important on a country-by-country basis.

Casino Reviews – This section is a hub of all our casino reviews. Our reviews cover each casino in detail from the banking methods they accept to the deposit bonuses they give out to the games you can play. This section is especially important if there’s a specific type of slot you want to play, or if there are any prerequisites to joining a casino – like making sure they accept US customers.

Deposit Methods – If there’s a specific method you want to use, this page will tell you more about that method, how to use it, and more importantly, what casinos accept it, their limits and time frames.

Mobile Slots – Everybody is on their mobile phone or tablet these days. Especially slot players. Did you know you can play slots for real money while on the go? It’s possible. And better yet, you can play lots of the fun themes and different slot types that were once only available on PC and Mac computers.

Do you still have questions after reading our guides? We want to help you. Send us an email and let us know.