Play Free Slots Online

free slots onlineHold up! Wasn’t this website all about playing slots for real money just a second ago? So why this page where you suddenly can play free slots online? For test driving off course!

Let me ask you this: you wouldn’t go ahead and spend your hard earned money on a brand new car without giving it a spin first would you? I mean, some of you probably would, but I know that some like to gather some information and compare their options before they go ahead with a purchasing decision. And that is just what playing at online casinos are. Especially if you tack on a welcome bonus on your first deposit.

Or maybe you are just strapped for cash or simply do not like to gamble with real money. Whatever your reason you can find a slot machine at our site you can play all day without the risk of losing your rent. Can’t win anything either though, unless you happen to score in a freeroll tournament, but as much as we would like to say as Winnie the Pooh such is life.

Here is a list of different slots that you can play for free online. Check them out and see if you find any you fancy. We will also link to other ones you might enjoy within the different slot reviews, so be sure to browse around until you find something you fancy.

And note that there are plenty of online slots no deposit bonus out there that you can use to get a feel for playing with real money and maybe win some cash for your bankroll. It will be a bit closer to the real thing, feeling that you are actually playing with money and you might need to be careful with the coin amounts and which slots you try out to not go broke immediately. And who knows – plenty of times I have walked away with a decent bankroll from simply using free spins. Doesn’t happen too often though 😉

List of Free Slot Games

This is a list that will be constantly updated. We are trying to add free slot machines and reviews as often as we can, so be sure to check back for new additions.

If you have enjoyed playing these free slot games, please share our page with your friends to let them know about this place and take part in the fun.

Also, if you have a question, find an error in our reviews, would like us to review a specific slot machine, want to give us some praise or maybe disagree with ut, then please let us know! We can only get better at this if we get some feedback.

Free Slots FAQ

There are always some questions about these games that we have on our site and we thought we would answer some of the most common ones here.

Are these slots really for free?

Yes – 100% free! The only thing you are paying for are the bandwidth that you use, if you for some reason still pay by usage 🙂

Why do online casinos offer free slot games?

They offer free versions of their slot machines in the hopes that you would like to try them for real money at one point. It seems to be a very good marketing tool for them and many of the free players sooner or later gives it a go with real money as well.

Just remember that you never have to play them for real money, but some like to switch it up between playing for fun and gambling other times.

Take me for example: I love to play with real money, but let us be real, if I played for real money every time I wanted to play the slots I would probably be dead broke. It is a very expensive hobby, so therefore I dabble with the free versions from time to time.

Are all slot machines free to play?

You will find that the online casinos offers almost all of their new titles comes with a free version that you can try out. If there are any machines missing that is most likely older ones that they never bothered giving a free version of.

Why do people play free slots and not for real money?

I have already mentioned a couple of reasons, but there are other ones as well. This is not an exhaustive list, but a couple of reasons we have seen for why people do it:

  • They do not like to lose – Some are aware that the odds is stacked against you when playing against the casino and thus do not want to risk any of their money on a losing proposition.
  • They do not have the money for it – Most people have money, but there are not all that many people that have enough money for all the bills AND enough money to splurge in the casino on top of that.
  • Because gambling is illegal – Not all countries allow you to gamble online and thus some are forced to simply play for play money.
  • It’s fun – I guess you could see this one coming, but slots, for free or real money, are soo much fun. I might be a bit biased coming from a site called real money slots, but it is one of my favorite relaxing activities.

You will probably encounter others that play for totally different reasons, but we find that these are the most common ones for the popularity of free slot games.