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East West Insurance Company Limited Reviews are based on the quality of insurance services the company provides. The company was founded in 1982 in Pakistan by their Late. Unus Khan who throughout his life remained dedicated to the progressive development of the company by organizing and strengthening the company on modern lines and at the same time, encouraging all the executives, field and office personnel of the company to be competent enough to face the challenges the insurance market would toss at them, and most importantly to face them with courage, sincerity and hardwork. The insurance company grew to become one of the largest Insurance Companies of Pakistan during his lifetime and today, East West Insurance Company Limited has become a symbol of security for its numerous insured clients as well as of livelihood for its hundreds of diligent personnel. The company operates through 24 branches and has its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan.
The company provides general insurance in Pakistan and it operates through four segments: Fire and Property Damage; Aviation and Transport; Motor; and Miscellaneous. The company’s Fire and Property Damage segment covers various jeopardies which include damages caused by fire, riot and strike, explosion, earthquake, atmospheric damages, floods, electrical fluctuation impact, and other coverage. The company’s Marine, Aviation and Transport segment offers insurance coverage against cargo risk, war risk, and damages occurring in inland transport. The company’s Motor segment provides vehicle coverage and indemnity against third party loss. Its Miscellaneous segment offers cover against burglary, loss of cash in safe and in transit, personal accident, engineering losses, and other coverage.  East West Insurance Company gives endlessness to their founder by adopting his practices into its core as guidelines for the future. His piety, simplicity, sincerity, diligence and affection, as well as his selfless devotion that caused the combining of the profound culture values of the East with the modern technologies of the West.



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