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Civil Service Healthcare Society Limited Reviews are based on the quality of services provided by the company as viewed from the perspective of their current clients or partners. CS Healthcare is an insurance provider that offers low-cost health insurance policies to civil service workers, employees in the public sector, as well as all those who work for non-profit organisations as well at competitive rates. They are a Civil Service Healthcare Society Limited that is incorporated in England and Wales, and they have been dedicated to taking care of their clients for over 80 years and still counting during which they have built up partnerships with more than 300 hospitals, in order to ensure their clients, have access to the best care and treatment. The company doesn’t have any shareholders, and so they are able to use all the extra money they receive to ensure the premiums for their customers are constantly kept at an all-time low. This makes their well-designed health insurance products some of the most competitive products in the UK Insurance market, which makes for improved client intake as observations show that 89% of their new clients noted that the low costs were a primary factor for taking out insurance with the company. Their team of qualified insurance and medical professionals have been highly rated by their clients such that 92% of their members recommend Civil Service Healthcare Society to their friends and family, while 97% have rated their overall service as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. As a UK-based friendly society, Civil Service Healthcare exist entirely for the benefit of their clients. Without any shareholders, they can efficiently dedicate their time and services to protecting civil servants, public sector employees and their families. Whether you’re looking for complete healthcare protection or fundamental benefits of private cover within a budget, they’re confident that they have the right plan for you and your family.



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