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BHSF Limited Quotes offer the best quality service to their policyholders as regard to their claims. They offer claims for different insurance products in personal, corporate and intermediary which are tailored to meet even the minutest requirements of the policyholder. The step by step instruction below depicts how to request for a claim form in order to get a claim on any product(s) of your choice.

How to Make a Claim

Step 1:
To begin, you will need to get access to the company's homepage. This you can do by inserting the link ( into your browsers URL bar and hitting 'Enter' or alternatively by clicking on the 'Get a Quote' link at the top of this page.

Step 2:
Once you have been redirected to the homepage, click on the 'Request a Claim Form' link below the page.

BHSF Limited Quote Step 2

BHSF Limited

Step 3:
The subsequent page highlights the claim form which you will need to fill before you can make a claim. There are two available form options - if you know your policy number, you will be required to fill the form with your policy number, your surname, your post code and your email address; and if you don't know your policy number where only your name, address, post code and email address will be required of you. Once you have filled the form that best suits you, click on the 'Submit' button below the particular form.

BHSF Limited Quote Step 3

BHSF Limited


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