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RockStar Slot Features

  • Stunning graphics
  • Rocking theme
  • Big features
  • Autoplay
  • No free spins
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RockStar Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 30 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.02 - $1
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
2,500 Coins

About RockStar Slots

An early creation from the 3D professionals at BetSoft, Rockstar has been around for a number of years, but despite its age, and despite the many great games that have proceeded it, this is still one of the picks of the bunch. A true gem, Rockstar lets you rock-out with Motley Crue lookalikes as you live your dream of super stardom whilst trying to win a few pennies in the process.

Game in Action

RockStar slot

Screenshot of the RockStar Slot

Rockstar takes music lovers back to the glory days of rock, to big hair, loud guitars and packed stadiums. As you would expect from BetSoft, this is a beautiful game, with a lot of attention paid to how it looks and how it sounds. As well as some nifty features, discussed below, there are also some unique wild symbols in the form of gold and platinum records. If you get a gold wild, you can pickup 5x your winnings, whilst a platinum record will give you a 10x multiplier. If you get these at the right time and on the right lines, you can win a huge sum without even stepping foot in the bonus rounds.


There are a couple of bonus rounds in the Rockstar slot. The main one of these triggers a side-game which has a Guitar Hero feel to it. Your goal is to click your mouse at the right moments as a bar moves along a guitar fret. As you do this, a band rocks out in front of tens of thousands of people, getting louder and louder the better you “play”. The other feature occurs on the reels, with a Slash lookalike appearing wearing his iconic hat. He plays his guitar on the reels, triggering the release of money through a “choose-me” feature as he does so. Whilst not the most generous of the two bonuses, this is certainly the quickest and it is also the one that you will encounter more of.

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All in all, there is very little not to like about this slot. The animations are on point, the sound is great and the graphics are top notch. We also like the inclusion of two completely different bonus rounds, neither of which deviates from the rock-God theme. The fact that the player has a role in one of these bonuses, rather than relying entirely on luck, is also an added bonus that we really enjoyed. As rock aficionados ourselves, we also enjoyed the similarities that the characters bore to some of the legends of the genre, perhaps without crossing the line into trademark infringement.

This is a great game whether you like rock music or not, a game that all slot machine fans will appreciate.

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