Mamma Mia Slot Review

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Mamma Mia Slot Features

  • Impressive cutscene
  • Fun theme
  • Great animations
  • High RTP
  • Limited bonus rounds
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Mamma Mia Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
5 Reels / 30 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.02 - $1
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:

About Mamma Mia Slots

We went into this review thinking that we were going to be playing an Abba themed slot, so we were happy when we discovered that wasn’t the case. That happiness further increased when the cut-scene kicked in, but it was all downhill from there. Mamma Mia is a BetSoft release that had a lot of potential, but one that ultimately didn't deliver.

Game in Action

Mamma Mia slot

Screenshot of the Mamma Mia Slot

Following a mildly amusing intro, where BetSoft’s 3D talents are used to their fullest, Mamma Mia begins with an explanation of the “lock wilds” feature. This basically lets you pay to keep a wild in place as soon as it lands, and is a feature that has been used on slot machines in the past. This is not recommended, as you will lose a lot of money very quickly, but by all means try it out for a spin or two.

As you would expect from BetSoft, Mamma Mia is very well designed and animated. The chef stays on the screen throughout and all symbols are animated when you get them in pay-lines. Wins are quite easy to come by and the highest paying symbol (the chef) pays as much as 500x your line bet for 5 of them. With a great aesthetic and a strong RTP, the base game is very good, but these days the quality of a slot is often determined by the bonus rounds it features, and that’s where Mamma Mia trips up.


There is an instant win round, which is triggered when you land three of the food cover symbols and is played out directly on the reels, and there is also a free spins round, which is activated when you land at least three of the pizza symbols. Other than the locked wild feature mentioned above, that’s all that Mamma Mia has to offer. We can’t escape the feeling that more could have been done here, and when you realise that Mamma Mia is essentially a carbon copy of another BetSoft slot, Sushi Bar — albeit with different symbols and a slightly different background — then you realise just how little time they probably spent on it. In fact, judging by the intro, it seems that they focused more of their time and energy on that than they did on the actual gameplay.

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The RTP is strong here, the graphics are great and we love the cut-scene, but there is nothing in the way of a strong bonus round, and there is no sense of longevity. We can’t imagine sitting and playing this game for hours on end, simply because we got bored within a few minutes. If you’re looking for some quick fun, something that will look and feel great, then Mamma Mia probably won’t disappoint. If you want something that is truly spectacular, something that you will keep coming back to time and time again, then you need to look elsewhere.

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