Lucky 7 Slot Review

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Lucky 7 Slot Features

  • Great classic slot machine
  • Can change the view
  • Runs very smooth
  • No extra features
  • High variance
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Lucky 7 Slot Basics

January 2009
Reels / Paylines:
3 Reels / 1 Payline
Coins Range:
$0.02 - $1.00
Bet Range:
1 - 3
Max Win:
5,000 Coins

About Lucky 7 Slots

With a polished, no-kitsch design, Betsoft takes the stripped-down slot machine experience and runs with it. Without quite having a theme, yet not quite theme-less, Lucky 7 slots takes the definitive slot machine experience online, with its classic 7s, B’s Lucky 7 AR, and cherry icons. Old school slot machines swept Vegas and the gambling world for a reason—they are really fun. Lucky 7 slots capitalize on this classic fun with just the right amount of features without adding anything superfluous.

Game in Action

Wheels spinning on the Lucky 7 slot

Tight and responsive, the animation is simply on point—despite there being so little of it. While there is no default background music, the nostalgic classic tune that is summoned by a spin, definitely fits in with the overall tone of the game. The same is true of the handful of different winning noises. Subtle and cheerful, the music and animation in Lucky 7 round out what is an otherwise fun-to-play game into one of sheer perfection.


Before beginning, Lucky 7 gives the player the option of playing in a normal computer-mode, or a more immersive “zoomed out” style, where the player feels like a patron sitting at an actual slot machine (with a handle pull and all). From a simple betting system to an absolutely perfect responsiveness, it is difficult to overstate just how addictive and enjoyable Lucky 7 continues to be, even a full hour into play. While themed slots have their moments and appeal, there can be no doubt that the “retro” Lucky 7 is what all slot machine makers aspire to in terms of raw playability.


The Lucky 7 slot from Betsoft does not offer any kind of bonuses or features. Nada, zilch, zip, nothing. You cannot even get free spins on this slot machine. So what is the reason to play on it then?

Well, this must be up to you as a player to decide. Do you prefer flashy video slots that have plenty of twists and turns and features? Well then there are other slots you can play out there. However, maybe you are old school and prefer a simple machine that you do not have to interact with in order to have some fun.

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The lack of features and interactivity will surely scare off some of the players, but to those that enjoy the classic machines this is bound to be one you can play for hours upon hours.

It is plenty of responsive, plays smoothly, has just the right amount of sound effects and graphics, and it is thus in every way perfect for those that like the simpler slots out there.

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