Back in Time Slot Review

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Back in Time Slot Features

  • Simple and fun theme
  • Swift gameplay
  • Hold feature
  • Unique 3-reel slot
  • Hard to hit bonus game
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Back in Time Slot Basics

Reels / Paylines:
9 Reels / 8 Paylines
Coins Range:
$0.02 - $0.50
Bet Range:
1 - 5
Max Win:
4,000 Coins

About Back in Time Slots

3-column slot machine with a prehistoric dinosaur theme. Sporting surprisingly responsive controls and crisp play alongside an obviously decent animation budget, Back in Time manages to be a more enjoyable, unique addition to the online slots marketplace.

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Back in Time slot machine gameplay

Wheels spinning on the Back in Time Slot

This game doesn’t set out to be overly complicated, likely because of the 3-column format. It’s easier to see why a pattern will win, which makes the game a little more satisfying. This prehistoric slots game gets extra love if for no reason other than it’s more fun to play with company, and this toddler dinosaur is more than happy to enable you gambling.

Music & Animation

A tribal drumbeat plays in the background right from the load screen. The animation, humble as it is, does well for what it is intended for. In addition, there’s a 3D rendered dinosaur girl in the corner, who looks concerned about my successes and failures. Whether she’s encouraging my vices or judging them doesn’t matter, as she’s a cute addition regardless of her purpose. The sound effects are convincing enough and most importantly don’t deter or get in the way of enjoying the game.

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The somewhat tribal drumbeat in the background is relaxing, and the stripped down play style makes it much clearer to understand what’s going on. Your 3D-companion also adds a unique element that keeps this slot from the monotony some other slots games subject the player to in long periods of losses. An interesting choice from BetSoft worth trying out.

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