Best Online Slots

best online slotsIf you are new to playing slots online then you might not be aware, but there is an immense selection of slot machines to choose from, depending on where you are playing. Some casinos are closing in on 1500 (!) slot games offered in one casino. To say the least, going through all of these to find the best slot machines will take quite some time.

Still part of the fun is trying out the different games and checking out the different themes and features they all offer. But after awhile this can get boring, and when you have waded through about 100 or more it can get a little repetitive. Sometimes you just want to find the best slot games right away, and that is what we are trying to help you with on this page.

Here we will list the best online slots, based on our review staff’s personal ratings. You might not agree with all of these, but it should be a good starting point for you to try out a couple of the different ones and get closer to finding that perfect slot that fits your criterions. It isn’t easy, but well worth it when you find a couple of gems along the way.

Our list of the Best Online Slots

This list ranks the top 9 slot machines out of all the slot reviews that we have done over the years. This is mostly our subjective, but also some objective thoughts on the different machines we have looked at. You should see if there are any of these you like the look at based on the logos and maybe check out our review or play it some for free before you make up your mind. There is a lot that goes into a casino game and you should see if it ticks of your fancies.

Here is a list of some of the features we take a look at when we rate online slots:

Return to player – This is very important to us, and should be to you as well. The lower this rate is, the faster you lose your money playing the machine, simple as that. We place a high value on higher return to player (RTP) than almost any other feature, but this is usually adjusted according to how popular the other features on the machine are.

Features – With high RTP you can play for long, but if the game isn’t fun, you wouldn’t want to keep on anyways. That is where features come in. If there is little to no interactivity, bonus rounds, free spins or anything else to separate it from other slots, then we likely will not favor it much. But note that there are exceptions to this rule with some simple machines like Mega Joker which is a simple slot, but still quite fun. However, usually you will find the feature rich machines to be the most fun.

Graphics – It needs to be pretty to look at for us to bother as well. Now with the way technology is racing away it should be no excuse anymore to make boring games. Hell, they even have 3D slots on offer now! If you can’t be hassled to create some decent graphics then our money will be placed elsewhere.

Jackpots – Although this kinda goes under the features tab (which is a big banner), we like to plug this in one of its own. Progressive jackpots are really something we value a bit high here, maybe unreasonably so, but it is part of why we love slots so much: the thrill of maybe scoring big. Let us face it, it is very unlikely to win big on slots if you are not hitting a jackpot, and thus one should be present for us to consider playing it. So this is a must for the best online slots in our book.

Often having a jackpot or progressive jackpots is offset by the fact that the RTP is quite low in return, so this makes it a fairly even tradeoff for our sake of reviewing here, but if you don’t like to have jackpots (or don’t care either way), then maybe look for our higher rated, non-progressive slots to find one to your needs.

Paylines – The more the merrier is often stated and here is another place it fits the mold. We love to have plenty of paylines, that gives us plenty of chances to win! Not really, but it feels better to have so many chances of bonus rounds and big wins. Again, this is a bit of a subjective one from our side, but after doing some surveying it looks like others kinda agree with us.

So that is the gist of our review rules. There are more to said off course, but then you can go to our individual reviews to see which points that stands out for the slots in question. Usually we won’t be able to cover all the aspects and rather focus on some of the good and bad stuff we find.