Best Online Casinos

Finding the casino that you will prefer to play slots online for real money is tricky. Most even have a hard time determining what there is that they are actually looking for when they are looking for the best casinos!

To those of you that are a bit restless and want to get on with playing immediately or want to check out the best the web has to offer in casino gaming then we have compiled a quick list for you guys below. It includes our top 3 picks when we have combined all the criterias and given our general overview of them. These are the top casinos online (in our opinion) and should satisfy your casino urges in a snap.

Best Online Casinos

We would urge you to take your time though and browse through our reviews of the different casinos that we have tried and can recommend. You can check out our casino reviews page and see if you find something that seem to be a casino to your taste.

If you have a specific preference when it comes to choosing your casino, you can check out our selection of lists where we rank casinos by different criterias that is the most important for you to find the best online casino for you!

Best Online Casinos by Categories

las vegas casinosWe are still a work in progress, so this part of the page will be updated a lot in the coming weeks and months. To start off we would like to create some different lists of our best casinos based on the different depositing methods that are available.

Another list for the best casinos based on the country our readers are situated in is also in the works. This is especially important for the US readers of our sites, as their alternatives are somewhat limited at the time, but things are looking better where several states are getting licenses to host online gambling websites in their locations.

We will also rate the casinos by the software that is out there. This might be a big one, as many have their favorite slot machine they like to play online, and thus the software is very important to consider in that case. We even have our own page for reviewing the different gaming software providers.

Another factor to look at is the mobile compatibility of the casinos. It is well known that more and more people do their internet browsing and interaction through smart phones and tablets, and the casinos have made their games available through these devices. Finding the best casinos by your favorite mobile device will also be addressed.

In addition to all of these, we will also look at different aspects, like the progressive jackpots that is offered at sites and where to find the ones that fits your preferences (the bigger the better eh? :)), payout percentage so that your money lasts longer when you are playing for that big payout and other aspects we find worthy of rating the casinos by.

Best Online Casinos by Depositing Methods

In this day and age, concerning yourself with the deposit methods a casino employs should not be of great concern as the most popular depositing methods are offered at the biggest and best casinos online. Another part you might reason with is that having a specific deposit method at a casino should be far down the list of criterias for choosing the right one, and I agree with and support that sentiment. But there might be different reasons for one wanting to find a casino with a specific depositing method. It might be that you for some reason have cash sitting on a Ukash code that you would like to deposit at a casino, or have gotten payment in your NETELLER account and would like to find a decent casino you can play at.

If you want to know more about depositing and withdrawing at online casinos, check out our deposit methods article or find your preferred method of depositing below and visit the corresponding page to find the best casino accepting your favorite payment processor.

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Best Online Casinos by Casino Software

Finding a casino that offers the games you like might prove to be easier than you think. If you haven’t played at many casinos online yet, you probably think that since every casino usually offers slot machines in the 100+ numbers range that there must be close to 100.000 unique ones. But that is far from the truth.

Although there are many different slot machines to be find online, many casinos you will find offers the same types of slots and there is a logical reason for that. The online casinos are buying their software from companies that create the softwares and helps them customize each and every single one of the casinos interfaces. Although you will see each casino being different, the games will be the same across the same gaming platforms, mostly. They operators does not always include all the games, but those that they see fit to include.

So if you are a fan of the Marvel themed slots, you will definitely want to add a Playtech powered casino to your roster, or if you are into the new uprising of 3D slots, you need to find a casino hosting BetSoft software. If you are unsure which casino software providers that offer a specific game or want to know about their features, check out our casino software page and check out our list of our favorite software developers.

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Best Online Casinos by Country of Residence

Some casinos restrict participation depending on which country you are living in. This is not because the online casinos do not like people from certain countries, but it is rather because of the laws and legislations in that specific state might prohibit online gambling.

Usually this is directed at the individual, stating that they are not allowed to deposit money online and gamble with it, but many countries have also decided to go after the casinos themselves. To make life easier for themselves, the casinos have simply made it impossible for people that live in such countries to deposit and play at their site.

We have written in-depth guides for the countries of USA, UK, India, South Africa and Australia. Some more will be added later, so if you are looking for other regions, like New Zealand, you can find specific information in this dedicated regional guide for online slots. All these pages we have written will contain info about the laws in the country in question and which online casinos we recommend.

Some countries are more prone to finding their action unwelcome, and the most prolific of them all are people from the US. The US government has been fierce in their hunt for online gambling operators that offer games to US citizens, and thus have most all of the sites barred american people from playing online. There are however some casinos that offer their services to the US, and many more are entering the stage. There are still problems around the globe with this, but more and more countries are relaxing their laws and paving the way for easier access to online slots.

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