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When you have an already existing quote with Ageas Insurance Limited, or are looking to make a claim on a top-notch insurance policy, you would be required to phone a number regarding your specific policy. Below is a detailed guide on how to access these specific numbers via the website.

How to make a Claim

Step 1: 
Go to the homepage ( or just hit the ‘Get a Quote’ link at the top of this page.

Ageas Insurance Limited Quote Step 1

Ageas Insurance Limited

Step 2: 
You’ll be redirected to the homepage. On the homepage,  hover your mouse around the ‘Make a Claim’ link. This drops down a list of insurance claims tailored for you. Choose the particular insurance claim you want and click on it.

*Here we choose the ‘Car Insurance Claims’.

Ageas business Insurance Limited Quote Step 2

Ageas Insurance Limited

Step 3:
The next page depends on the particular insurance claim option you had chosen. Click on the ‘I need to make a Claim’ link from the list as shown in the image below.

Ageas house Insurance Limited Quote Step 3

Ageas Insurance Limited

Ageas contents Insurance Limited Quote Step 3.1

Ageas Insurance Limited

Step 4:
On the drop down text, you can now see the particular number to call to make a claim on your insurance policy or for existing claims.

Ageas car Insurance Limited Quote Step 4.1

Ageas Insurance Limited

Note: You can also click on the other list of options to access other information relating to your insurance claim.

Ageas Insurance Limited claims

Ageas Insurance Limited


Quote: 0345 122 3019

Note: Be sure to quote your policy number when contacting Ageas for a claim, as this helps them deal efficiently with your inquiry.